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This presentation by Peter Holmgren from CIFOR proposes a set of objectives for sustainable landscapes and a possible performance measure for each. Through the landscape approach, there exist investment opportunities that could be taken to achieve broader development goals.


  • 1. C I F O R Center for International Forestry Research Vision: Forestry and Landscapes are high on the political agenda and contribute to broader development goals. Inter-governmental organization, HQ in Bogor, Indonesia, working globally. Research, capacity building and outreach to bring solid and relevant science to decision-makers.

2. How it started Founded in 1993 after Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro; 2013 is 20th Anniversary Founding sponsors were Australia, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States Indonesia bid successfully to host CIFOR headquarters in Bogor 3. The Landscapes Big 5 4. Objectives, measures, performance Easy to understand Apply to any scale Apply to any location Measurable Sustainability can mean improvement over time 5. Global Landscapes Forum A Landscapes Approach to inform: Climate Change agreements and actions Sustainable Development Goals Agriculture & Forestry together - 2200 participants over 2 days 4 themes: Investment Governance Climate change adaptation & mitigation Food and nutrition 6. Global Landscape Forum Warsaw November 16-17, 2013 Global Landscapes Forum 2013: A Summary and Celebration 7. 8. ProducerFinancial EntityProducer AggregatorProducer Producer ProducerAggregatorProducerSustainability verificationacceptable?12% IRR 9.


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