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MUTUAL FUNDS KNOWLEDGE SERIESReturns, Risks & Investing in Mutual Funds

Table of Contents

Returns in Mutual FundsReturns are the key indicators of the investment performance in mutual fund and are calculated from the historical NAVs. By comparing returns, the investor will get the fair idea about the fund whether it is suitable for achieving his financial goals

Types of Returns in Mutual Funds

Calculating Returns in Mutual Funds

Risk in Mutual FundsInvestments in shares, debentures and deposits are not always risk-free. A very important risk involved in mutual fund investments is the market risk. When the market is in doldrums, most of the equity funds will also experience a downturnSome of the other risks include Industry risk, Credit Risk, Inflation risk, Interest rate risk, Fund Manager Risk, Country risk, Currency Risk, etc

Measuring Mutual Fund Risk

Ways to invest in/redeem from Mutual Funds

Parameters for Selecting Mutual Funds

Riskometer in Mutual Funds

The SEBI introduced a pictorial meter named "Riskometer" and this meter would appropriately depict the level of risk in any specific scheme. The mutual funds would need to mention the risk level of a scheme through that Riskometer

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