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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Introductory Presentation on Power Point By Terry P. Slide 2 Objective This presentation is a summary of a brief article Ive read in Montreals Voir. The name of the article is Les blancs et la culture noire. The presentation consists of 5 slides. Hope you enjoy. Slide 3 The cover of Voir for the week of April 27 th to May 3rd 2000 showed a white youth in blackface. The picture itself is sensationalist and certainly attracts attention. Slide 4 Nicolas Berubes article discusses the White mainstreams appropriation of Black hip-hop culture. The caption cet echange nest pas que positif translates as this exchange (of cultures) can only be positive. A closer reading of the article reveals that it is an interview with Susan Gubar from University of Indiana. And her quote was cet echange nest pas forcement positif, which makes a world of difference: this exchange is not necessarily positive. Slide 5 Gubar states that media facilitates the commercialisation and thus the White mainstream appropriation of Black hip-hop culture. Many young White people appropriate Black ways of dressing and music as a way to be cool or to rebel against the conservative mainstream. Slide 6 Gunbars conclusion is that everyone needs to be critical about what is put out in the mainstream and its media. She basically sees White people interacting more with the stereotypes of Blacks in the media, than Black peoples themselves. For her, this type of cultural exchange is superficial and serves no real purpose in making real social and political connections. </p>