Intranet Design: A user-centred approach

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Recent intranet trends Five dimensions of a great intranet Our approach to strategic UX


  • 1.Intranet Design A user-centred approach

2. Contents Recent intranet trends 5 dimensions of a great intranet Our approach to strategic UX 3. Recent intranet trends 4. Intranet teams are growing Source: 10 Best Intranets of 2014 Nielsen Norman Group 5. Responsive design is gaining traction Recognition of need to support a more mobile workforce Even in the office, mobile grab moments represent opportunity to engage Although slightly higher up-front investment, cost can be less than a mobile optimised site Ongoing maintenance cost reduction as a result of 1 code-base 6. Trending features Carousels Persistent right rail Functional footers Local search Mega menus Film strip related content Flat design Social tools 7. Smart change management Easing colleagues into a new design Consistent and regular project communication Coordinated release strategy and comms Employee engagement and participation in the redesign 8. Great intranets are being created faster Source: 10 Best Intranets of 2014 Nielsen Norman Group 9. Planning for ongoing success Governance and endless change Roadmap and plans for continual improvement/enhancement Management and maintenance resources in place Committees convened and senior sponsorship secured 10. 5 dimensions of a great intranet 11. One of the key challenges with intranets is getting people to use them. This is often because the intranet does not actually help them with their day to day work. Unless it does, there is no incentive to use it. Sumner, Jason (editor). Melcrum Publishing, 2006. Transforming your intranet. P93. 12. 5 dimensions of a great intranet Strategy Organisation and governance User-centred approach Structure, design and content Metrics 13. #1 Strategy Business objectives Mission statement User requirements Information management Technology Governance Content contribution Measurement Marketing Financials Roadmap 14. #2 Organisation and governance Successful intranets have senior sponsorship. You need to identify who is managerially responsible for: Monitoring quality Developing guidelines Enforcing standards Managing publishing Regulatory compliance 15. #3 User-centred approach Award-winning intranets are increasingly employing user-centred techniques The percentage of winning intranets that employed some of the main usability methods in their design process. 16. #4 Structure, design and content To maximise usability and findability: use a common branding and navigation approach apply best practices and internet conventions 17. #5 Metrics Hard values Cost reduction Time savings Increased revenue What are you hoping to achieve and how will you measure it? Soft values Internal communication Employee engagement Employee retention and job satisfaction Streamlined operations and business processes Employee productivity and collaboration HR management Knowledge management 18. Metrics - Benchmarking BEFORE AFTER STRATEGY Mission statement / clear proposition 1 3 Resourcing, contributor needs, workflow, ownership 2 2 Information strategy, content, metadata 1 4 Technology, CMS, search, DMS, remote access 2 1 Total (20) 6 10 ORGANISATION AND GOVERNANCE Senior sponsorship 2 5 Cross-functional steering 2 2 Hybrid centralised / decentralised model 3 3 Standards and guidelines 3 5 Risk-management 1 2 Total (20) 11 17 USER-CENTRED APPROACH Based on solid stakeholder and user research 3 4 Personas and use cases reviewed regularly 2 3 User satisfaction reviewed regularly 4 4 UX methods applied to new sections 1 1 Total (20) 10 12 STRUCTURE, DESIGN AND CONTENT Common branding and navigation 4 2 Best practice design and implementation 2 1 Genuinely useful content, features, search 3 3 Personalisation / customisation 0 2 Total (20) 9 8 RETURN ON INVESTMENT Cost savings 1 0 Employee engagement, productivity and collaboration 2 2 Improved knowledge management 2 3 Streamlined business processes 2 4 Total (20) 7 9 TOTAL SCORE (100) 43 56 Ideally use personalised criteria to score your intranet: against itself over time e.g. pre and post project against industry standards (availability of data permitting) Or try the Intranet Review Toolkit 19. A strategic UX approach 20. UX Research & IA Content Marketing Graphic design Technology Publication & Deployment Interaction design Content strategy Functional & Tech Spec 21. Flexible UX toolkit Insight Strategy Execution Analytics Expert review Content audit Market analysis Competitor analysis Depth interviews User /stakeholder survey Focus group Diary study Observation/e thnography Business objectives & KPIs Ideation workshop Strategic roadmap Business process Governance Personas & experience map Scenarios & user journeys Sitemaps & inventories Card sort & tree testing Wireframes & prototypes Storyboard Digital brand translation Web design Interaction design Responsive design 22. Research & Discovery Analytics Stakeholder interviews User interviews Surveys Expert evaluation Data & insight Scorecard User profiles Understand the audience and evaluate your current position 23. Strategy & Planning Objectives & goal mapping Strategic positioning Value analysis Scope definition Full list of requirements Strategic roadmap and programme plan Unify stakeholder and user objectives, and agree strategic approach 24. User Experience Design Content review process & support Card sorting Iterative lo-fi prototyping User testing Site structure Wireframes & user journeys Site inventory Design concepts Define, test and refine the site structure and design Final designs 25. Thank You