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  • International Symposium on

    Biodiversity: Status, Utilization and Impact of Challenging

    Climatic Conditions

    Organized by

    Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University(A Central University)

    Vidya Vihar, Rae bareli RoadLucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

    In Collaboration with

    Indian Academy of Environmental SciencesHaridwar, Uttarakhand

    October 30-31, 2014



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  • Dear Delegates,

    Greetings from Babasaheb Bhimrao

    Ambedkar University!

    Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar

    University (A Central University), in

    collaboration with Indian Academy of

    Environmental Sciences, Haridwar

    welcomes you to the International

    Symposium on Biodiversity: Status,

    Utilization and Impact of Challenging

    Climatic Conditions to be held in

    Lucknow during October 30-31, 2014.

    The symposium is an attempt to provide

    a common forum to discuss, deliberate

    and propose solutions on various aspects

    related to the theme, with the ultimate

    aim of devising ways, methods and

    policies to promote and conserve the rich

    biodiversity of the planet earth.

    The two-day event would be graced

    by the presence of eminent International

    and National educators/ scientists/

    policymakers who would share their vast

    experience and expertise with the young

    and budding researchers and student


    Theme and Objective of the


    The link between climate change

    and biodiversity has long been

    e s t a b l i s h e d . T h e U N ' s G l o b a l

    Biodiversity Outlook 3, in May 2010, has

    very aptly summarized the negative

    impacts of the changing climate on

    biodiversity and ecosystems and

    predicted that these are yet modest

    compared to future projected threats.

    Against this background, the main

    o b j e c t i v e o f t h i s i n t e r n a t i o n a l

    symposium is to bring together

    distinguished educators, pure and

    applied scientists, budding researchers,

    conservation practitioners, public health

    workers, NGOs, policymakers and

    community leaders on a common forum

    for the sharing of knowledge, research

    and experiences in the fields of

    biodiversity and climate change.

    Technical Sessions

    The objective of the symposium

    would be addressed through the

    following technical sessions:

    Taxonomy and Biodiversity

    Aquatic Biology and Fishery


    Entomology and Sericulture

    V e c t o r b o r n e d i s e a s e s a n d


    Ecology, Wildlife Biology and

    Animal Behaviour

    Molecular Biology, Biotechnology

    and other New and emerging areas

    of Biological sciences.

  • be published with full length papers. A

    special invitation will be sent to the

    authors based on the quality of the

    abstract. Full length papers should reach

    organizers before or on October 15, 2014

    by email as well as the hard copy through


    The decision of the scientific committee

    will be final regarding the acceptance and

    mode of presentation of the papers.

    Abstract Format: The abstract in MS

    Word, Times New Roman, not exceeding

    250 words should be in the following



    Preference : Oral/ Poster Title (capital

    and bold, font size 14), Author(s) name

    (bold, presenting author's name

    underlined, font size 12) and affiliation

    (address of institution with email of

    corresponding author). Title, author(s)

    name and affiliation centre aligned. Key

    words (italics, bold, font size 10, limited

    to 5 words). Text (justified, spacing 1.15,

    margins-L2, R1)

    Format of Full Length Papers: Full

    length papers to be published in the

    Proceedings should contain Title,

    Author(s), Address, email, Abstract,

    Introduction, Materials & Methods

    (not required in case of 'review'

    articles), Results and Discussion,

    Acknowledgements and References.

    Poster presentations

    Based on the organizing committee's

    decision, selected contributed

    papers will be allotted in special

    poster sessions.

    A poster competition will be held

    mainly for post-graduate (M.Sc.)

    students and Research (Ph.D)

    Impacts of Climate Change on


    Integrated and ecosystem-based

    approaches for climate change

    adaptation and mitigation

    Academic Programme

    The deliberations of the symposium

    would involve the following academic


    Plenary and Invited Thematic


    Oral/Poster Presentations of

    contributed research papers.

    Competitive oral presentations

    under the 'Young Scientists' session.

    Award for best 'Young Scientist'

    one each in the male and the

    female category.

    Thematic Poster Competition for

    M.Sc. & Ph.D. students.

    'Best Poster' Awardone each in the

    male and the female category.

    Call for Papers

    Abstract(s) of original research are

    invited in English from Educators/

    Scientists /Researchers /Technologists/

    Policy-makers and NGOs for oral and

    poster presentat ion during the

    symposium. Abstract(s) should reach the

    organizers before or on September 30,

    2014 by email.

    Proceedings of the symposium will

  • *Student/Research Scholar should send a certificate duly signed by Head of the Institution and should carry valid ID proof. Student category symposium material will be provided.**Symposium material will not be provided to Accompanying person.

    Accommodation Charges (in Rs): Per

    person per day on sharing basisUniversity Hostel : Rs. 250=/person/day

    Guest House : Rs. 450=/ person/day

    Budget Hotels : Rs. 800=/ person/day

    Three Star Hotels : Rs. 3000=/


    Five Star Hotels : As per Tariff

    Mode of Payment

    Bank draft in favour of Organizing Secretary , ISB 2014 (A/c No. 2900101006158) payable at Canara Bank, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow, UP, India.


    All overseas participants require a valid

    passport and entry visa for India. Please

    consult your travel agency or nearest

    India Embassy/ Consulate Office.

    Kindly intimate us once your travel plan

    is ready and give us details so that we can

    inform the Ministry of External Affairs,

    Home Ministry, Govt. of India, DST,

    Govt. of India, Home Ministry, Govt. of

    Uttar Pradesh and Security Agencies.


    The registration fee does not include

    insurance for the participants regarding

    accidents, sickness or loss of personal

    property. Participants are requested to

    make their own arrangements with

    respect to health and travel insurance.


    The registration fee does not include

    a c c o m m o d a t i o n c h a r g e s . T h e

    participants requiring accommodation

    may forward the request in advance to

    the organizers for making arrangements

    o n t h e i r b e h a l f . P a r t i c i p a n t s '

    accommodation will be arranged in

    guest houses of different organizations

    or hotels located in Lucknow.

    Scholars based on the theme of the


    1x1sq. metre space will be provided

    for each poster. The poster should

    preferably be in one piece.

    Awards and Medals

    Senior educators/ scientists/

    researchers will be honoured with

    awards and medals after receiving

    their nominations and resumes.

    Separate awards and medals would

    be given for students/scholars.

    Oral Presentation facilities

    Laptops (with MS-office & Adobe

    Reader), Multimedia projector & Screen,

    and Laser sticks will be made available.

    Important Dates of the Symposium

    Registration and Abstracts: on or before

    September 30, 2014

    With Late Fee : October 15, 2014

    Spot Registration: October 30, 2014

    Accommodation confirmation:

    September 30, 2014

    Registration Fee

    (Does not include accommodation & transportation/


    Category On or before September

    30, 2014

    On or before

    October 15, 2014

    Spot Registra-



    Delegates (`)

    ` 2,500/- ` 3,000/- ` 3,500/-

    Foreign Delegates


    $ 150 $ 175 $ 200

    Foreign Accompanying Delegate (US$)

    $ 120 $ 150 $ 200

    *Research Scholars (`) ` 1,500/- ` 1,800/- ` 2500/-

    *Students (`) ` 1000/- ` 1,500/- ` 2000/-

    **Accompanying person(s) (`)

    ` 2,000/- ` 2,500/- ` 3,000/-

  • General Information about


    Lucknow, the second largest city of

    northern India and the capital city of

    Uttar Pradesh in India, is situated on the

    banks of river Gomti. The city retains its

    age-old charm and is renowned for its

    e t i q u e t t e a n d

    courteous culture,

    popularly known

    as the ''lucknawi

    tehzeeb''. Its deep-

    rooted traditions,

    impos ing awe-

    inspiring historical

    monuments, and

    mouth watering

    cuisine are


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