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  • Furniture Construction and Selection

  • Qualities of HardwoodsGreater dimensional stabilityLess pitchMore durabilityHarderHolds nails and screws betterLess likely to dent

  • Hardwoods commonly usedMapleCherryPecanOakWalnut

  • Qualities of SoftwoodsDevelops checks and cracksNot as strong as hardwoodLess expensive than hardwood

  • Softwoods commonly usedCedarPineRedwoodCypress

  • VeneersDefinitionThin slices of woodAdvantages of using veneersSolid wood is too expensiveSolid wood is too heavyGreater strengthLess cost

  • Furniture JointsImportant because they affect the life of the furniture, its durability, and its strength.

  • Types of Joints

    Biscuit Mortise and tenon Rabbet Butt Mitered Dado Lap Dovetail

  • Parts of Upholstered FurnitureFrameShould be kiln dried hardwoodJoints should be strengthenedCushioning materialsSprings in seat basesThick cushioning applied over springs and frame.Foam, fiberfill, and down are used.

  • Support Springs in MattressesBox springsCoils attached to a base covered with paddingCoil springs:Same as box, but not covered or paddedFlat springs:Frame with flat springsNumber of coils?Good quality has 300 or more

  • Metals in Furniture ConstructionAluminumIronSteelUsed for:Lawn chairsOutdoor furnitureModern furniture

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Metal FurnishingsAdvantages:Light or heavyInexpensiveStrongDisadvantages:BendsDentsBrittleRusts and tarnishes

  • Plastic furnitureAdvantages:Imitates other materialsLight weightDurableInexpensiveEasy to clean

  • Buying Case FurnitureCheck for:Surface finish, back and inside finishSolid constructionSturdy baseWorking partsDrawers open smoothly

  • Buying Upholstered FurnitureCheck for:ZippersUnderliningSpring qualityComfort

  • Shopping for FurnitureInformation and materials you should take with you when you shop for furniture:Measurements: what size are door openingsColors: Carpet, wallpaper, paint, fabric to match