institute of acoustics (u.k.) awards 1984 medals

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  • Enrico Fermi School course on acoustics--An update

    The organizers of the acoustics course to be held at the Enrico Fermi School at Varenna, Italy, 10-20 July 1984, [J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 74, 1652 (1983)] have released an update of the proposed program. The title of the course has been changed to "Frontiers in Physical Acoustics" and a new list of topics has been announced which includes nonlinear acoustics, chaotic behavior of conservative and dissipative systems, experiments on acoustic turbulence, propagation in fluid-filled porous materials, scattering from rough surfaces, superfluid acoustics, acoustic engines, fiber acoustooptic transduction, and animal communication.

    About 50 postgraduate students and a limited number of scientists will be admitted. The deadline for applications has been set for 30 April 1984. Details are available from the director, D. Sette, Dipartimento di Energe- tica, Sezione Fisica, Universifft "La Sapienza," Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, Roma, Italy.

    Hearing Aid Audiology Group formed in Great Britain

    The British Society of Audiology has announced that a Hearing Aid Audiology Group has been set up within the Society. This group was estab- lished last year and has already attracted over 600 members from all disci- plines within the BSA. The aims of the new organization are to raise the standards and status of hearing aid technology and practice, to broaden the base of current hearing aid technology by creating a bridge between various disciplines involved in hearing aid audiology, to encourage overseas con- tact, and to promote scientific meetings and the circulation of information relevant to the group.

    Scientific meetings have already been held in London and at other centers. Additional regional meetings and a number of publications on scientific subjects are planned. There is no membership subscription other than the subscription to the British Society of Audiology within which the Group operates.

    FASE publishes acoustics education directory The Federation of Acoustical Societies of Europe has recently pre-

    pared a 1983/84 directory of universities, colleges, and institutes in most of the FASE member countries which offer advanced degrees in acoustics. The compilation lists names of institutions and faculty members in charge, ad- dress, course offerings, and semester requirements, degree level, and possi- bilities for foreign national participation in the program. The listings were compiled by the Secretariat of FASE, Plzenskt 66, 15124 Prague, Czecho- slovakia.

    Proceedings available Fourth British Conference on Audiology, London, September 1983;

    77 pp. extended abstracts of papers presented. Available through BSA, Har- vest House, 62 London Road, Berkshire RG 1 5AS, U.K.

    1 lth ICA Satellite Symposia: Toulouse Symposium, Toulouse, July 1983, two volumes; Lyon Symposium, Lyon, July 1983, one volume. Avail- able through G.A.L.F, CNET Division TSS, B.P. 40, 22301 Lannion Ce- dex, France.

    INTER-NOISE '83, Edinburgh, July 1983. Available from IOA, 25 Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1 1HU, U.K.

    4th International Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem, Turin, June 1983; 1300 pp. in two volumes. Available from Edizioni Tec- niche, Via Fratelli Bronzetti 26, 20129 Milano, Italy.


    Below are announcements of meetings to be held abroad. Entries pre- ceded by an * are new or updated listings with contact addresses given in parantheses.

    Month/year listings following other entries refer to issues of the Jour- nal which contain full calendar listings or meeting announcements.

    Musical Acoustical Information Service

    established in Great Britlan

    After some years of preparatory work at the University of Surrey a Musical Acoustics Information Service has been formally opened. It offers a literature search service in the field of musical instrument acoustics which is

    based on the availability at the facilities of over 2600 references. The files are continually updated and the collection is indexed according to subject mat- ter as well as authors and dates of publication. More information about the service can be obtained from F. J. Dibdin, 16 Winchester Drive, Chichester, West Sussex PO 19 4DE, U.K.

    Institute of Acoustics (U.K.) awards 1984 Medals

    The Rayleigh Medal was awarded to J. E. Ffowcs-Williams, Professor at Cambridge University, for his distinguished and effective work in acous- tics, including studies of jet and propeller noise.

    The Tyndall Medal was awarded to R. G. White, Director of the Insti- tute of Sound and Vibration Research, in recognition of his many contribu- tions to the broad field of acoustics.

    The A. B. Wood Medal and Prize went to M. J. Earwicker, Senior Principal Scientific Officer at the Admiralty Underwater Weapons Estab- lishment, for his distinguished work on all aspects of underwater acoustics transducers and fields. '

    ISVR celebrates 20th birthday The 20th anniversary of the founding of the Institute of Sound and

    Vibration Research at the University of Southampton was celebrated by present and former staff members with a formal dinner and an evening of entertainment. ISVR's own band, the Frequency Shifters and its vocalists, the Decibells, were the featured attractions. The affair was attended by over 400 people, including the four past and present directors of the Institute.

    March 1984

    6-9 Oceanology International 84, Brighton. 11/83 7-13 European Congress on Ultrasonics in Medicine, Strasbourg. 11/82

    13-14 Speech and Audio Tape Analysis for Police Use, London. 9/83 19-22 Materials Testing Exhibition-MT 84, Birmingham. 11/83 27-29 DAGA'84, Darmstadt. 5/83 27-30 Audio Engineering Society Convention, Paris. 1/84

    April 1984 9-13 *2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Structural

    Dynamics, Southampton, U.K. (M. Petyt, ISVR, The University, Southampton S09 5NH, U.K.)

    10-12 Institute of Acoustics Spring Conference, Swansea. 7/83

    May 1984 18-20 *National Conference of the Audiological Society of Australia,

    Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia. (N. Lewis, Department of Speech and Hearing, University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Brisbane 4067, Australia)

    22-25 *International Symposium on Strength of Materials and Struc- tural Components under Sonic and Ultrasonic Loading Frequen- cies, Kiev, USSR. (Institute for Problems of Strength, Timirya- zevskaya St. 2, 252014 Kiev 14, USSR)

    23-24 *Applications of Noise Measurements, Baden-Baden, Fed. Rep. Germany. (G. Huebner, Reichssportfeldstrasse 16/805, 1000 Ber- lin, Fed. Rep. Germany)

    24 *Underwater Navigation, London, U.K. (L. Lipscombe, db Instru- mentation Ltd., Eastern Road, Aldershot, England)

    24-25 *Noise Abatement in Sheet Metal Industry, Baden-Baden, Fed. Rep. Germany. (H. Bley, Siemens AG, Postfach 3240, 8520 Erlan- gen, Fed. Rep. Germany) International Association Against Noise (AICB) Conference, Sa-

    rajevo. 11/83


    1019 J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 75(3), March 1984; 0001-4966/84/031019-02500.80; 1984 Acoust. Soc. Am.; Acoust. News from Abroad 1019

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