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Inspiring and Interesting Art. By Kelsey bares. EL GRECO. VIEW OF TOLEDO . General Information. Title: View of Toledo Artist: El Greco (actually named Domnikos Theotokpoulos , but took on the name El Greco because this means the Greek in Spanish and he was one) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Inspiring and Interesting ArtBy Kelsey bares


General InformationTitle: View of ToledoArtist: El Greco (actually named Domnikos Theotokpoulos, but took on the name El Greco because this means the Greek in Spanish and he was one)Date of Composition: 1596-1600Artistic Era: Baroque/MannerismToledo, of which this landscape was made, was El Grecos home for quite a few years; this is where he produced many of his major works.WHAT IT MEANS TO MEFor me, this painting is very emotional and full of feeling painted in by the artist, for the viewer to experience. The raging sky reminds me of the clashing of emotions, thoughts, or decisions in ones own head; this violent sky also contrasts beautifully with the calm of the land and buildings. The sweet green of the grass and the lazy, inviting creek provide a calm and respite from the warring occurring in the sky, as well as the many buildings; between them there are a few houses and a church. For me a church has always represented a place of refuge from any type of conflict, as well as houses could possibly be places of shelter.


General InformationTitle: The Skipping RopeArtist: Joaqn Sorolla y BastidaDate of Composition: 1907Artistic Era: ImpressionismBastida created this painting of his daughter, Elena, skipping rope with other girls while on vacation in La Granja in the summer of 1907.WHY I CHOSE ITThis playful painting of young girls conveys to me the carelessness and joy of childhood. As Bastida painted this of his young daughter, he must have understood childrens nature perfectly; he depicts the carefree girls prancing around in the summer heat, oblivious to any problems, and this allows me, in turn, to slip into this frame of mind. This painting allows me to let go of my worries, as these girls undoubtedly are, and be contented with the world and everything in it I can observe for a few short seconds.


General InformationTitle: African BeachArtist: Mari FortunyDate of Composition: 1867Artistic Era: RealismMari Fortuny was born in Catalonia, Spain, and would go on to record the Spanish-Moroccan War by sketch and painting, and he also instructed many successful art students.

What it means to meThis painting, for me, shows all the colors and images of the bleak and seemingly hopeless colors, shades and moods of life everyone goes through; pale tan, white, brown, black, yellow, gray, pale blue and black are all colors that generally do not represent any feeling in general other than bleakness or even remorse. Yet it also gives light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. The horses riding off through the water symbolize, to me, riding away from lifes troubles at some point, letting go of grudges, and moving on, allowing yourself to succeed in whatever your sadness or grudge was holding back.