Insert Picture Here - as a Service ... •Real-world deployment testing •Risk-free virtualization ... •The only x86 server virtualization software supported and

Download Insert Picture Here -   as a Service ... •Real-world deployment testing •Risk-free virtualization ... •The only x86 server virtualization software supported and

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Enabling Cloud Deployments with Oracle VirtualizationNAMETITLEThe following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracles products remain at the sole discretion of Oracle.2 Virtualization and Cloud Computing Oracle VM Server Virtualization Beyond Consolidation Customer Successes Next Steps & ResourcesAgenda3How Does Virtualization Support CloudCloud Characteristic Resource poolingRapid elasticityFast deploymentCapability Enables software to run on shared hardware Grow, shrink or move applications through cloning and live migration Add/Remove hardware without downtime Package whole applications for fast, easy deployment Simplify Dev/Test by cloning test and production environments4Server Virtualization and Clustering Deliver Resource Pooling and Elastic ScalabilityBoth server virtualization and clustering are key technologies for cloudOracle Cloud Platform & Cloud ManagementPlatform as a ServiceInfrastructure as a ServiceOracle VM for x86Operating Systems: Oracle Enterprise LinuxCloud ManagementOracle Enterprise ManagerDatabase Grid: Oracle Database, RAC, ASM, Partitioning,IMDB Cache, Active Data Guard, Database SecurityApplication Grid: WebLogic Server, Coherence, Tuxedo, JRockitShared ServicesIntegration:SOA SuiteSecurity:Identity MgmtProcess Mgmt:BPM SuiteUser Interaction:WebCenterOracle LinuxOracle SolarisOracle VM for SPARC (LDom)Solaris ContainersServersStoragePhysical and VirtualSystems ManagementOps CenterOracle ApplicationsThird Party ApplicationsISVApplications6Application QualityManagement:Testing,Patch ManagementApplication PerformanceManagement:RUEI, SLA Managment,Monitoring, DiagnosticsLifecycle Management:Provisioning,VM Templates,Large-Scale AutomationConfiguration Mgmt:Discovery, Gold Templates,Change Detection,Rollback, Compliance Virtualization and Cloud Computing Oracle VM Server Virtualization Beyond Consolidation Customer Successes Next Steps & ResourcesAgenda7Oracle Virtualization Most Complete Virtualization Desktop-to-Data Center From Apps to Disk Across multiple architectures - x86 & SPARC Most Integrated Server Virtualization Applications-to-Disk Integrated Management Accelerated Application deployment and provisioning Most Efficient Server Virtualization Best to deploy Database and Apps workloads Lower costMake applications easier to deploy, manage and supportVirtualization and Cloud Computing Oracle is the only vendor to provide an integrated full-stack management solution Virtualization and enterprise workloads managed together Management solution for private-and public cloud providers End-to-end provisioning and management of enterprise application workloads From bare-metal provisioning of physical servers to guest creation, deployment, & management Virtual appliances with Oracle VM Templates and Oracle Assembly Builder This level of control is required for cloud computing.Oracle EnterpriseManagerPlatform as a ServiceProductsInfrastructureas a ServiceProductsSoftware as a ServiceOfferings &Infrastructure9 Evolution of Solaris Logical Domains; Integration with Oracle VM family Highly efficient hypervisor for Sun Chip Multithreading (CMT) servers Multiple, independent Solaris OS instancesSPARC (CMT) HardwareSolarisOracle VM Server for SPARCOracle VM Server VirtualizationPlatform Choice & Flexibility High performance hypervisor for x86/x64 architecture Supported guests: Linux, Solaris, and Windowsx86/x64 HardwareSolarisOracle VM Server for x86Linux Windows Roadmap: uniform, integrated virtualization management across SPARC CMT and x86/x64 through Oracle VM Manager10Oracle VM Server for x8611 Free to download Enterprise-quality support Real-world deployment testing Risk-free virtualization High performance x86 virtualization Supports both Oracle and non-Oracle applications The only x86 server virtualization software supported and certified for all Oracle softwareOracle VM: High Performance VirtualizationVirtualize and Share All Compute ResourcesOracle VMOracle ApplicationsNon-Oracle ApplicationsNon-Oracle ApplicationsOracle DatabaseFusion MiddlewareSolaris orLinuxMicrosoftWindowsSolaris orLinuxSolaris orLinuxSolaris/Oracle/Red Hat Linux12Oracle VM Server for x86Advanced Server Virtualization Solution Next-generation architecture Advanced migration & HA features No additional charge Rapid application deployment Free download Zero license costs, zero key management Affordable, full-stack enterprise-class support Leading price:performance Official Oracle product certification based on real-world testing 13Oracle VM Manager Browser-basedmanagement solution Included with Oracle VM Full VM lifecyclemanagement: Create Configure Clone Share Boot Migrate Oracle VM Management Packfor Oracle Enterprise Manager14VMPhysical Server: Enterprise Linux WindowsOracle VM ManagerVMware Virtual Machines (vmdk images) Windows LinuxPhysical-to-Virtual / Virtual-to-Virtual Machine ConversionNAS, SAN, iSCSIOracle VM ServersOracle VM Server PoolVM VM VM VM Consolidate Servers Eliminate VMware license expense15ClusterVM VM VM VMOracle VM ServersNFS, SAN, iSCSIClusterVM VM VM VMOracle VM ServersNFS, SAN, iSCSIClustered ManagerBrowserXE, SE, EE, or RACDatabaseOracle VM High AvailabilityComplete SolutionPlanned Events: e.g. maintenance or upgrades Secure Live Migration Zero interruptionSSL MigrationXUnplanned Events e.g. Server or VM failure HA Auto-restart in pool No manual interventionXHA Auto RestartmmPool Masters assuresecure migration orHA restarts completein the event of aManager outage16Secure Live MigrationUninterrupted Service Industry First: Encrypted Live Migration by Default No additional hardware required Eliminates requirement for dedicated network Other products migrate VM data in the clear Requires dedicated network Leaves sensitive data vulnerable (passwords, account numbers, etc.) More secure, more flexibleVMNAS, SAN, iSCSIOracle VM ServersOracle VM Server PoolVM Secure Live Migration (SSL)VM VM17 Virtualization and Cloud Computing Oracle VM Server Virtualization Beyond Consolidation Customer Successes Next Steps & ResourcesAgenda18Server Virtualization Infrastructure: Traditional vs. Cloud ArchitecturesTraditional Virtualization Virtualization for CloudVM Provisioning: Traditional manual creation & deployment (e.g. no appliances)Library of virtual appliances / assemblies for rapid, low-risk VM creation & deploymentResource Management & HA: no dynamic resource management / automationPolicy automation to dynamically load-balance VMs across / between pools of resourcesStorage & Network: Consolidated servers with local / direct, static and inflexible connectionsShared storage, flexible networking to create server poolsAdmin / Operations Model:Traditional (sysadmins, storage admins, network react to tickets to provision VMs, storage, network)Automation supports self-service provisioning of VM with Administrators pro-actively manage general pool scaling19Its All About the Applications Develop products that make enterprise software Easier to deploy Easier to manage Easier to support Provide exceptional performance and scalability under load Provide deterministic high-availability Support for large-scale storage infrastructure Economics to permit ubiquity, i.e. virtualization-by-default architectures2021VMNAS, SAN, iSCSIOracle VM ServersOracle VM Server PoolVM VMOracle VM Templates Accelerate Application DeploymentE-DeliveryDownload from Oracle Pre-built, pre-configured VM Complete app, middleware, DB installation Complete Siebel CRM, Database 11g, Enterprise ManagerImport via Oracle VM ManagerFileSiebelCRMVMCustomize & Saveas Golden ImagesVMSave days or weeks in installation and configuration timeStart-Up in Oracle VM PoolVM 1SiebelCRMVM 2SiebelCRMEnterpriseManagerOracle VM Templates Oracle Database 11g Oracle Siebel CRM 8.1 Oracle PeopleSoft Oracle Enterprise Manager Oracle Fusion Middleware Oracle Enterprise Linux More software faster without installing & configuring from scratch; lower overall costs22Middleware Virtualization with Oracle VMWebLogic Server Virtualization Option Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Runs natively on hypervisor Higher density Better performance Reduced operational cost Simpler patching Improved security Package up complex structure from dev/test and reconstitute in production Minimize setup time and risk of hard-to-debug configuration errorsPaaS Foundation Based on Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder and Oracle VMPaaS ApplicationCatalogVirtualized Resource PoolCompute Network StorageOVAB StudioIntrospectComposePackageDeployTenantsAdministrators Deploy assemblies Create assembliesOne TimeEffortRepeatedActivityDesigned, Optimized, Integrated to Work TogetherComplete High Performing Application-to-Storage for Clouds!Engineered SystemsEFFICIENCYCompute, storage, network, softwareHIGHHIGHOracle VM Server Reference ConfigurationsDatabaseFusion MiddlewareApplicationsOracle Solaris/LinuxNetworkStorageMANAGEABILITY& SIMPLICITYOracle VM Roadmap Oracle VM 3.0 Incorporation of Virtual Iron technology Dynamic resource management Dynamic server power management Powerful integration APIs: open, comprehensive and scriptable Rich, dynamic management console Centralized, advanced storage and network configuration Oracle VM Server for SPARC Integration of Logical Domains in the Oracle VM family Management via Oracle VM Manager Storage Connect advanced storage management26Coming Soon Virtualization and Cloud Computing Oracle VM Server Virtualization Beyond Consolidation Customer Successes Next Steps & ResourcesAgenda2728Why Do Customers Choose Oracle VMCertificationPerformanceCost EffectiveOracle VMEnterprise-Quality SupportInteroperability, security, high availability across the stackGlobal, 24x7, large-scale supportFully certified and supported with Oracle productsVirtualize database and apps with confidenceZero license fees; affordable support fees Customer SuccessIntegrated with AppsCuts IT Overhead by 60%Customers BenefitImproves Performance, Cuts CostsOur ability to rapidly build, deploy, scale, allocate resources, failover easily, and add new services simply has been the foundation on which we have built a lean and efficient IT operation. We owe this in part to the consistent, proven software solutions from Oracle.Nicholas TangVice President of Technical OperationsInteractive One 2010 Oracle 29About 80 percent of our applications are from Oracle, so if Oracle can provide support from top to bottom, it makes sense for us to take advantage of that.Michael PooleChief Technology OfficerUniversity of Massachusetts 2010 Oracle 30MercadoLibre Standardizes on Oracle VM Largest online trading platform in Latin America More than 37.8 million users 21 million transactions in 2008 Standardized on Oracle VM Saving Datacenter Space and Power electricity 4 :1 electricity, floor space & cooling reduction Simplified Server Management Oracle VM Live Migration for High Availability Oracle VM Templates for Fast Provisioning Private CloudNEW : Full Oracle Software Stack Certified and Supported on Oracle VM on Amazon EC2 Amazon EC2 now supports Oracle VM Fully certified and supported:Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle applications (EBS, PeopleSoft, Siebel) Oracle license portability Oracle Linux support and Amazon Premium Support Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) based on Oracle VM TemplatesCertified & supportedNEW : Oracle PaaS Hosted by SavvisOracle VMOracle LinuxOracle DatabaseOracle MiddlewareCustomer Applications Savvis Managed Solutions Savvis Management Portal SavvisStation PaaS customer interface Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder PaaS solution options WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition & Standard Edition Oracle Database Enterprise Edition & Standard Edition IaaS solution options Oracle Linux Oracle VMAssembly BuilderSavvisStation Portal Virtualization and Cloud Computing Oracle VM Server Virtualization Beyond Consolidation Customer Successes Next Steps & ResourcesAgenda33Accelerating Application Deployment Flash Demonstration VirtualizationMost Complete & Integrated Virtualization, built into each layer Fully tested with applications Designed for full stack deployments Integrated, full stack management Integrated supportTaking you beyond consolidationOracle provides the most COMPLETE solutionFinal Thoughts Oracle provides complete application stack and delivers the most innovative technologies Only Oracle offers complete, integrated, open solutions that support physical, virtual and cloud environments. Oracle enables lower costs and higher quality of service for your physical, virtual and cloud IT environments.3637 Follow us on Twitter Oracle Virtualization Blog Virtualization 2009 Oracle Proprietary and Confidential 38


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