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  • 1. Innovate Workforce Practices to Ensure Future Success

2. Agenda Achieving Alignment in an Integrated Model: The Phoebe Putney Story Making Talent Strategies an Executive Priority Overcoming Middle Management Resistance Focus on Culture & EngagementMaking Talent a Competitive Advantage Joel Wernick is President and Chief Executive Officer of Phoebe Putney Health System in Albany, Georgia.Create Larger Talent Pools Drive Greater Selectivity Hire for Innovation Require New Necessary Skills Embrace New Technologies & Rigorous ProcessesMetrics to Receive from HRJill Schwieters is President of Pinstripe Healthcare, the leader in providing talent solutions to the healthcare industry. 3. Learning Objectives The importance of executives taking a lead role in the evaluation of hiring practices. The metrics and measures HR leaders should be reporting to executives to measure the impact of a highly functioning workforce. Common pitfalls to avoid and change techniques to embrace to successfully transform an organizations workforce to meet the new demands of healthcare. 4. The Phoebe Putney Health System StoryACHIEVING ALIGNMENT IN AN INTEGRATED MODEL 5. History of Phoebe Putney, Albanys First Hospital In 1905, the Ladies Hospital Aid Association envisioned a hospital in Albany, Georgia. Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital opened its doors in 1911 thanks to a substantial gift from Judge Francis Flagg Putney. He required three things: the hospital be constructed of brick to withstand fire; it be named for his mother; it serve all people regardless of their race or ability to pay. 6. Phoebe Putney Health System 7. Phoebe Putney Health System, Inc. Hospital AuthorityPhoebe Putney Memorial HospitalPhoebe FoundationPhoebe Worth Medical CenterPhoebe Putney Indemnity SPCHealth Ventures (Taxable) 8. All Healthcare is Local Phoebes growth strategy addresses local access to care and regional capacity. 9. Phoebe Family Medicine Phoebe Oncology Phoebe Physical Therapy Phoebe Wound Care Phoebe Rheumatology 10. Americus, Georgia (March 7, 2007) 11. Americus, Georgia 12. Achievements 13. Annual Statistics FY 2011 Inpatient Admissions EC Visits Clinic Visits ConvenientCare Visits Home Health Admissions Employees21,298 90,971 583,150 38,911 58,876 4,600Annual Payroll Charity/Indigent Total Community Benefits$233.6 million $27.6 million $136.4 million 14. Phoebe Talent Statistics 5,154 total system employees Annual vacancy: 3.95% Annual total applications: 27,374 Average time to fill: 54 days Turnover rate: 7.66% 15. How Phoebe Putney Did It Prioritized Talent Strategies Overcame Middle Management Resistance Focused on Culture & Engagement Made Talent a Competitive Advantage 16. QUOTE 17. Operating in a Post-Reform Industry Cost reduction opportunityREVENUE Medicare CommercialCOSTState DSH Medicare DSH MedicaidCOSTREVENUE All cases at Medicare Rates 18. CEO Direct Reports 19. HR Outsourced Services at Phoebe Pension Management/Actuary Legal (EEOC, Labor Relations, etc.) Payroll Leadership Development Executive/Physician Recruitment Search Why not traditional staff recruitment? 20. Areas of Focus Economies of size Economies of association Best practice system-wide (quality/operations) Information system investment Pre-position for managed care changes (no risk) Talent management Enhanced quality/value outcomes 21. Phoebe Putney Health System & Pinstripe Healthcare in PartnershipMAKING TALENT A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE 22. Healthcare Recruitment Practices Timeline 23. Evolution of Recruitment Practices 24. Investment in Talent40%of an organizations costs are directly attributed to Labor. - Aberdeen$35,000The average annual productivity cost of a disengaged employee. - Harvard University Press$1 millionThe estimated cost savings to a healthcare organization that increases annual retention one percentage point. ASHHRA 25. Techniques to Successfully Transform Create Larger Talent Pools Drive Greater Selectivity Hire for Innovation Require New Necessary Skills Embrace New Technologies & Rigorous Processes 26. Human Resources Working in Partnership with MarketingCREATE LARGER TALENT POOLS 27. Attracting Top Talent 28. Example Employer Value Proposition What makes Allstate a great place to work? A company that is innovative, successful and community minded Leaders who inspire, build trust and empower employees to achieve optimal performance An environment where employees feel valued and rewarded 29. Human Resources as the Talent GatekeeperDRIVE GREATER SELECTIVITY 30. Making the Hard Decisions How much more does a high performer generate annually than an average performer?Increased productivity in operations rolesIncreased profit in management rolesIncreased revenue in sales roles Source: McKinsey & Company 31. Screening for Cultural Fit Lack of fit not lack of skills remains the most common reason that new employees fail. Are your recruiters: Trained to ask relevant, behavioral-based, openended interview questions? Leveraging cultural fit surveys or assessments? Trusted to give expert guidance to hiring managers? 32. Human Resources Role in Creating A Culture of ChangeHIRE FOR INNOVATION 33. Formula for Fostering Innovation People Collaborative Customer Service DrivenProcesses Systematic FlexibleInnovative Ideas & ResultsChallenges Take smart risksCulture 34. Focus on People First Discovery-drivenDelivery-driven Associating Questioning Observing Idea Networking Experimenting Analyzing Planning Detail-oriented Implementing Self-disciplined Different Talents in Balance 35. Then Give Them the Tools to Succeed. People A workforce that focuses on: Service Teamwork TechnologyProcesses Truly embracing integrated care Removal of silos Understanding indicators EfficienciesCulture Customer-service Oriented Teamwork Communication Patient-centered Development 36. Assessing Candidates Common Current Practice Performance History Educational Background Knowledge Areas Tactical Abilities Certifications/Licensure Likeability Job Search MotivationNecessary Next Practice All of those, and: Cultural Fit Workplace Motivators Adaptability to Change Coach-ability Customer Service Skills Openness to Innovation 37. Human Resources Embracing and Adapting to ChangeREQUIRE NEW NECESSARY SKILLS 38. New Requirements of Healthcare Talent Passionate & Engaged Technology OrientedTeam PlayersAdaptability to Change Sense of UrgencyCritical Thinkers Patient Centered 39. Human Resources Bringing New and Next Best PracticesEMBRACE NEW TECHNOLOGIES & RIGOROUS PROCESSES 40. High Tech to Accelerate Results AnalyzeAttract Skills Inventory Supply/Demand Research Active & Passive Sourcing Talent Campaigning Social RecruitingAssess Automated Scheduling Online AssessmentsEngage Customized Workflow Centralized Processes 41. Comprehensive Talent Acquisition Management AttractCaptureSEO & PPC CraigslistJob Distribution Social Networks Email &RSSViral MarketingEmployee ReferralsRepeat VisitorsInteractMeasureTalent Community (CRM) Alerts & Updates Social Media Career SiteJob Marketing Candidate Experience Apply Starts/Drop Offs Visitor Details RSS Subscribe Passive Candidates Higher ConversionMember ProfilesMember CampaignsAutomatic Job Alerts RSS Job DistributionTalent PipelineSocial Applications Applicant Tracking SystemSocial Strategy CRM/ Sourcing Visitor Intelligence Keyword Rankings Candidate Demographics Social Network Monitoring Source Tracking Campaign Tracking Cost Per Applicant 42. Resource, Infrastructure & Technology CostsRecruitment Team Models Internal Team with Contingent SupportBuild Internal Recruitment TeamHybrid / Shared Internal & External Recruitment TeamExternal Recruitment PartnershipFlexibility & Scalability 43. Recruitment Partnership Adoption 43% of healthcare organizations are investing in RPO as a way to improve efficiencies, stay compliant, and provide a more effective way to identify quality hires. - Aberdeen Group (2012) Other IndustriesJoel & Phoebe 44. Human Resources Making Data-driven DecisionsMETRICS TO REQUIRE FROM HR 45. Executive Talent MeasurementsQuality & CultureEfficiency & Effectiveness 46. Quality & Culture Time to Productivity Turnover/Cost Per Vacancy Employee EngagementEfficiency & Effectiveness New Hire Satisfaction Hiring Manager Satisfaction Time to Fill Requisition Aging Leadership Productivity 47. Leadership Productivity Active Candidates3069Leader Involvement Ratio3.9:1 Recruiter Interviews772 2.9:1Hiring Leader Interviews prior to Offer262 2.2:1Accepted Offers119*Actual Results for Phoebe Putney, January 2013Leader involvement prior to partnership25.7:1 48. Targeting and Securing the Talent Necessary to Elevate Care DeliveryCLOSING THOUGHTS 49. With Great People and Great Care Healthcare Organizations Achieve: MORE ENGAGED EMPLOYEES DEEP-ROOTED CULTURES LASTING PATIENT RELATIONSHIPS QUALITY OUTCOMES 50. Questions For Self-Reflection Is your HR Team Partnering with Marketing? Effectively playing the role of Talent Gatekeeper? Fostering a Culture of Change? Flexibly adapting their practices to address your new needs or challenges? Knowledgeable about whats coming next? Making proactive decisions based on metrics? 51. HAVE YOU SETTLED AT GOOD OR DO YOU STRIVE TO BE GREAT 52. Joel Wernick & Jill SchwietersOPEN FOR FURTHER DISCUSSION 53. Thank You & Please Connect! Joel Wernick President & CEO Phoebe Putney Health System (229) 312-4053 phoebeputney.comJill Schwieters President Pinstripe Healthcare (414) 559-2534 54. Bibliography Navigating Healthcares Perfect Storm - Pinstripe Healthcare Manifesto, Jill Schwieters (2012) Get it Right to Get Results: Creating