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  • In 1999 Central London, Steve Jones and Russell Cameron

    gave up their jobs within design consultancy and furniture design to pursue a shared dream of a unique

    but diverse furniture and lighting brand.

    From their humble beginning in an old lighting factory in Wembley, North London, they had worked with designers

    from across the globe who called London their home. And still today they continue to embrace that vivid diversity,

    striving to be as British as London itself that is to say very British and yet highly adaptable

    and with a global vision. Their quirky and rebellious approach to

    design driven by high-spirited London culture.

    This is the story of a culture with greatly antagonistic qualities on the one hand,

    classical English tradition and on the other, the tumultuous punk culture.

    And innermost exists in the coming together of these heterogeneous elements, purveying taste and quality

    with a non-conformist attitude.

    We are Concept. We are Quality. We are Wit.

    We are innermost.

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  • 6 Canvas Canvas 7

    Canvas by YOY

    A surreal cartoon feel, where the impossible seems to happen; lounge effortlessly on a 2 dimensional image leaning against a wall. A clever construction of structured fabrics hidden within make it possible.

    Canvas is available as an Armchair (150cm high x 110cm wide) or Sofa (130cm high x 200cm wide).

  • 8 Canvas Canvas 9

    Material: Spandex, polyester and wooden frame

    Canvas ARM CHAIR Canvas SOFA



    Download Quikkly and watch the video on Youtube now!

  • 10 Poke Stool Poke Stool 11

    Poke Stool by Kyuhyung Cho

  • 12 Poke Stool Poke Stool 13

    Material: Timber

    Poke Stool

    Poke Stool is not only a simple wooden stool it stacks in a unique way. Poke was inspired by the idea of developing a stool for adults with a spirit of child-like play. The stackable stools are available in the innermost colours black, white and red as well as green, blue, yellow and natural wood.

    Download Quikkly and watch the video on Youtube now!

  • 14 Aviva Aviva 15

    Avivaby Jarrod Lim

    Aviva is a casual lounge chair available as a chair or rocker, in synthetic or leather. An elegant triangular form deliberately evoking a mid-20th century feel and modestly hiding a series of technical achievements.

    Material: Steel, Wood, Leather or Nylon Webbing

    Aviva ROCKER

    Aviva ROCKER

  • 16 Aviva Aviva 17

    Aviva CHAIR

    Material: Steel, Leather or Nylon Webbing

    Aviva CHAIR

  • 18 HiHo HiHo 19

    HiHo is a fun yet stylish take on the traditional childrens rocking horse remade for grown-ups. Jarrod Lim designed HiHo so you can sit forward and really ride or alternatively turn around and sit back for a gentler comfortable rocking chair experience. Its practical too and comes with sheepskin covers that are removable for dry cleaning just in case anyone gets too excited.

    Our lawyers told us to mention that its not a toy and not suitable for children!

    HiHoby Jarrod Lim

  • 20 HiHo HiHo 21

    Material: Teak Wood & Sheepskin



  • 22 Origami22 Origami


    The Origami table range won a design bursary from Liberty and later the Elle Decoration Best Table Award for its ingenious construction - Three identical legs that lock together to form a secure base come flat packed with three hidden screws for the glass top. Assembly is an easy 2 minute job with a small screwdriver.

    by Anthony Dickens

  • 24 Origami Origami 25

    Material: Steel & Glass

    Origami DINING TABLE Origami DINING 250 TABLE


    OrigamiSIDE TABLE

    Origami SIDE TABLE

    Introducing new brass pads and a larger 64cm diameter side table

    On/Off London Fashion WeekInnermost Partner: Doll

    OrigamiDINING 250 TABLE

  • 26 Origami LIGHTING 27


  • 28 Cobra Cobra 29

    Cobra by innermost-Wall mounted task lighting-Adjustable neck-Natural leather finish-Touch activated switch-Optional USB port charging station

    Material: Steel, Aluminium, Leather

    Cobra Cobra UL versionSIDEFRONT SIDEFRONT

  • 30 Lateralis Lateralis 31

    Lateralis by Ben McCarthyArtisan crafted glass seems to pour upwards and outwards following the breath of the glass blowing artist, producing a honey-coloured dome with a similar syrupy consistency. It collects in a pool of dark timber below. At the heart of the table light, dark ripples of wood reflect off of polished brass.

    Material: Glass, Dark stained ash wood, Anodised Aluminium


  • 32 Matrioshka Matrioshka 33

    The Russian nesting doll is here reimagined in layers of hand-blown glass. Light passes through each pigmented glass filter to create a magical chromatic effect as colours converge to form new ones.

    Material: Glass


    Matrioshka by Stone Designs

  • 34 Sticklight Sticklight 35

    This classic that has captivated since its initial launch in 1997 is back with a new technical specification. To fully take advantage of Sticklights unique diffuser, a special LED fitting was created that could diffuse the output into a uniform light around the circumference of the floor light, yet still fit neatly inside its tapering form. The floor light is also dimmable via remote control. Rated up to IP57 for water ingress, this is a lamp that is suitable for the house or garden.

    Material: Plastic


    Sticklight by Michael Young

    Shizuoka Castle, Japan

    Chelsea Flower Show, London

  • 36 Snowdrop Snowdrop 37

    A soft glow playfully peeks through candy-coloured veils. Each Snowdrop drifts effortlessly in mid-air, delivering charm and character to any room.

    Material: Aluminium & Glass


    Snowdrop by Stone Designs

    Fabulous new candy colors ( yellow, pink & aqua ) coming soon!

  • 38 Latitude Latitude 39

    Flynn Talbot puts the average spotlight back in the spotlight as he transforms it into a centre piece rather than mere support lighting. A clever suspension cable allows the light to be pointed in any direction, creating a flexible light that activates the surrounding space.

    Material: Aluminium


    Latitude by Flynn Talbot

  • 40 Gable Gable 41

    Gable by Jarrod LimJarrod Lim literally puts a roof over our heads with the iconic shape of Gable. Simultaneously playful and functional it hides a technically advanced interior.

    Material: Aluminium


  • 42 Parasol Parasol 43

    Soft, gentle reflected light is cradled in a very literal parasol in Jonas Forsmans simple design. Free movement of the shade gently guides the light to its intended use. Forsmans designs focus on the interaction between user and product, aiming to delight through refined and balanced movements.

    Material: Steel


    Parasol by Jonas Forsman

  • 44 Facet Facet 45

    Facetby Tom Kirk

    Facet LOZENGE 107

    Material: Stainless Steel, Brass

    Facet LOZENGE 107

    Facet 60

    Facet 18

    Facet 100

    Facet WALL


    Layer Facet 100 with a Facet 60 for an even more impressive centrepiece


  • 46 Facet Facet 47

    Polished stainless steel sections arrayed around its circumference create a surface of small facets, each helping to present part of an amazing fragmented image of its surroundings. The effect often fools the eye into thinking you are looking at glass or crystal until you get closer.

    Facet WALL

    Facet 18

    Facet BRASSHeals, London

    The Heron, LondonDesigner: Spinocchia FreundPhotographer: Julian Abrams

    Furla Flagship Retail Store, LondonDesigner: HMKMPhotographer: Marcus Peel

    Hotel Xenia, London

  • 48 Dent 200 Dent 200 49

    Dent 200 is a two metre diameter interlocking cell structure based around a truncated icosahedron form; the form most commonly used for the football.

    Its powered by a custom LED unit of 31 individual 3 Watt LEDs (one in each cell except the top) that are then diffused to bounce light onto the individual cell surfaces.

    I know you are all asking how do I truncate my own icosahedron? well its easy - simply get hold of a humble icosahedron and chop the corners off the 20 flat faces, you will of course end up with 32 faces comprising 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. You have now successfully truncated an icosahedron.

    The piece is available, built to order.

    Material: Aluminium, Polyethylene, Synthetic Wadding

    Dent 200

    Designjunction, LondonDownload Quikkly and watch the video on Youtube now!

    Dent 200 by Chak

  • 50 Beads Beads 51

    Beads by Winnie Lui

    Beads OCTO

    Beads PENTA

    Material: Stainless Steel & Polycarbonate

    Beads PENTA Beads OCTO

    Download Quikkly and watch the video on Youtube now!

  • 52 Beads Beads 53

    Beads brings together the best detailing and finishing from designer Winnie Luis jewellery craft and blends it with the engineering

    and technology of modern lighting design. The results are these striking forms which when lit provide

    an array of infinite reflections, as if the interior was inlaid with jewels.

    Now available in Gunmetal

  • 54 Beads Beads 55

    Gaucho Restaurant, Dubai

    This Morning TV Set, UKInterior Design: This Morning / I