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  • Initiating community conversations on safe abortion

    Sparking dialogue

    Presentation developed by PATH and Ipas

  • Major causes of maternal death

    Hemorrhage 25%

    Sepsis 15%

    Eclampsia 12%

    Abortion 13%

    Obstruction 8%

    Other 27%

    World Health Organization (WHO). Mother Baby Package: Implementing Safe Motherhood in Countries. WHO/FHE/MSM/94.11. Department of Reproductive Health and Research, Geneva: WHO;1994.

  • Reflect critically

    Save lives

    Change norms

    Change behavior

  • When people in defining their problems, they own the solutions too.


  • When people to each other, they begin to identify common solutions.


  • The work of many hands. Communication is part of a larger program.

  • Supportive environment

    Social change through communication

    Social mobilization



  • When individuals their behavior to improve their health, they become powerful influencers of their communities.


  • A communication strategy for a participatory process that improves access to safe abortion.


  • 1STEP

    Consultation with institutional stakeholders

  • 2STEP

    Literature review

  • 3STEP

    Formative assessment

  • 4STEP

    Community stakeholder strategy design workshop

  • 5STEP

    Draft BCC strategy

  • Draft BCC strategy5STEP

    • Key behavioral issues • Communication strategy rationale • Key audiences • Media channels • Behavior change and BCC objectives • Illustrative messages • Intervention processes • Communication materials

  • 6STEP

    Feedback from partners and stakeholders

  • 7STEP

    Finalizing the BCC strategy

  • 8STEP

    Planning for monitoring and evaluation

  • Key results of Nepal BCC strategy

    Result 1 Primary audiences

    Program participants avoid unwanted pregnancy or make pregnancy choices without coercion.

    Result 2 Secondary audiences

    Community and religious leaders endorse open dialogue on traditional norms and behaviors related to reproduction and abortion.

    Result 3 Implementing partners

    Implementing partners conduct and monitor dialogue groups and magnet theater.

    Result 4 National policy

    A replicable communication program that addresses access to safe abortion is established.

  • 9STEP

    Training in BCC skills that foster community dialogue

  • 10STEP


  • Reflect critically

    Achieve results

    Change norms

    Change behavior

  • Reflect critically

    Change norms

    Change behavior

    Save lives

    Achieve results


    Major causes of maternal death Key results of Nepal BCC strategy