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  • INFO Bi-Monthly magazine of South Woden Uniting Church Congregation

    December 2016 January 2017

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New year from Rosie and Ray

    Regular Sunday Service 9.30 am Pearce Community Centre Hall Collett Place PEARCE


  • The Church Council Minister Secretary: Phone: 6286 1057 Email; Email:- Treasurer: Ray Lowe Chairperson: 7 Maria Place Lyons ACT 2606 David Cran Phone: 6281 0089 4 Capel Place Email; Fisher ACT 2611 Phone: 6288 9948 Other Members:, Email:- Libby Coates, Carolyn Curnow, Helen Fairbrother, Joan Palmer, Kirsten Preece, Wendy Schmidt, Bette Triglone. Contact People Worship Liaison Group Rosters Joan Palmer Ray Lowe 15 Oldham Court Swinger Hill 7 Maria Place Lyons Phone: 6286 4615 Phone: 6281 0089 Email: Email: Contact Group Helen Fairbrother 2/36 Shackleton Circuit, Mawson Phone: 6286 4008 Email: Items for INFO. Rosie and Ray Lowe 7 Maria Place Lyons Phone: 6281 0089 Email: INFO is published bi-monthly in February, April, June, August, October December. Contributions please for the February/March 17 issue are due by 9th March 2017. . SWUC and Privacy The South Woden Uniting Church (SWUC) uses information and news provided by its members, adherents and officers for purposes of conducting its pastoral ministry. In the course of that ministry, material published in this bulletin may/will reach an audience wider than the immediate membership of the congregation. If any source of such information or news does not wish the information they provided to be used for such purposes, they can require and gain access to their personal information and request the information not to be used, by contacting the editor of Info, Mr Ray Lowe, on (02) 6281 0089 or the SWUC Privacy Officer, currently Mr David Cran, on (02) 6288 9948. If you have any queries in relation to the manner in which SWUC handles your personal information, please contact the Privacy Officer, currently Mr David Cran.

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    FROM THE COUNCIL CHAIR The calendar year is drawing to a close, and again we can look back on how much we have achieved and shared in the past twelve months. I feel that I’m often being repetitive in thanking all the wonderful people who contribute so much –

    every one of you – but I cannot stress how important is the support, commitment and involvement of all members of the Congregation to making SWUC work. In terms of worship services, next year will be somewhat easier once our new Minister starts, but we will still have the wonderful opportunity for leading our own worship services and for exploring and questioning together our understanding of faith for roughly half of the time. Our new Minister, Rev Gary Holdsworth, will take his first worship service with SWUC on Sunday 26 February – something to look forward to after our two-year search. Elsewhere in INFO is a short introduction to Gary – I’m sure you’ll agree he has a lot of relevant life and spiritual experience, which he will contribute to our own continuing search for spiritual meaning. The publishing of the history of SWUC next year is still in the preparation stages. A publisher has been selected, and the team is working on the several inputs required to finalise the ‘look’ of the book: cover, blurb, etc. We have decided on a paperback edition in colour. Due to the inbuilt delays in the publishing process it is more likely that we’ll have a launch of the actual book in the period May-June with the main celebration then. However, we still plan to recognize the actual anniversary of SWUC in February: more details will follow shortly. The National Church Life Survey, on Sunday 13 November, had a terrific response: 45 Attendee forms completed, plus three Leader forms and one Executive form. We will now wait for the summary of our responses, which we (Council) intend to use as a basis, in full consultation with all members, to plan our way ahead for the next five years. It is opportune that we will have this information to begin a new phase with our new Minister. Season’s greetings to everyone, and may God Bless you all. David Cran December 2016


    An Introduction from our new Minister – Rev Gary Holdsworth

    My name is Gary Holdsworth. I was born the youngest of 4 boys, to my parents Brian and Vera Holdsworth, on the 23rd September 1958 in Canterbury, NSW. My parents and my 3 brothers were born in the UK. My father was in the navy, and so we moved around a lot. Having lived at East Hills for the first 5 years of my life, we relocated to the UK and Europe for a number of years, including 3 years in Scotland. From the point of view of a young child this was an adventure, however it was made difficult by having to attend numerous primary schools. My father was relocated to NSW when I was about 10. We lived in Blacktown and St Marys briefly before settling in Penrith, where I attended Kingswood Park Primary and Penrith High Schools for the remainder of my schooling. During High School I played Rugby League and Tennis, representing the school in both. Upon completing my Higher School Certificate in 1977, I studied Surveying at Sydney Technical College for 2 years, and played Rugby Union for Emu Plains Rugby Union Club. After this I moved to St James in Perth with my wife Dianne, where I attended the Western Australian Institute of Technology, now the University of Western Australia. We returned to

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    Sydney after about 12 months, where I worked at Merrylands Council as an Engineering Assistant. After two years, I joined Morgan and Talbot Surveyors as a Surveying Assistant. I then joined NSW State Rail as an Engineering Surveyor, and finally as a Project Manager for Maintenance and Costing Systems. Dianne and I had a son, Daniel, who was born in 1981. Dianne and I divorced in 1989 and continue to remain friends. I started attending the Emu Plains Uniting Church, after Mary-anne and I met. We were married there in 1992. Whilst at Emu Plains, I was a youth leader, an elder and a lay preacher for about 7 years. Our son, Nathaniel, was born in 1998. After experiencing my call to ministry, I began my Bachelor of Theology at the Uniting Theological College at North Parramatta, in February 2000. I also studied a Bachelor of Adult Education at the University of Western Sydney, at the same time. As part of my Bachelor of Theology, I completed my field education at Greystanes Uniting Church. After being ordained there as Minister of the Word in January 2003, my first placement was at East Maitland Uniting Church, commencing in February 2003. My second placement began in July 2007 at Cherrybrook Uniting Church. Apart from my church life, my interests include social justice, lapidary, tennis, watching all kinds of sport, reading, and enjoying a good cup of coffee or a glass of red wine. Gary and Mary-anne will be living in the Weston Creek manse at 39 Mirrool Street Duffy (Ed)

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++ GREETINGS FROM LALGADH

    Recently, Graeme and Meena Clugston from the Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital were in Canberra for a brief visit. Fortunately, John and Doreen Cope were able to catch up with them over a meal. They asked us to convey to the people of SWUC that they were very sorry that there wasn’t time for them to share in a SWUC service while they were here. They send their heartfelt thanks to all of us at SWUC for the on-going support we have given to the hospital. Within a few days of returning to Lalgadh, they were going on an horrendous “road” trip into the very far north of Nepal. They were to take equipment for the re-building of a school in a community which had received no assistance whatsoever since the huge earthquake and its hundreds of after-shocks. Apparently the people of the community are willing to do the actual re-building, but they were lacking the necessary limited materials. Graeme and Meena have done an amazing work at Lalgadh, all the more amazing when you realise that Graeme is now in his 70’s. From John Cope. This week we received a newsletter from Graeme, here are excerpts from it. The full newsletter is on the noticeboard. Ray Greetings! Love and warmest Christmas wishes from Meena and me, and all the team here, at Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital. We are deeply and enormously grateful and say many MANY thanks for your prayers, your marvellous mission funding support, your encouragement and your faith in action. Wish we could be in both places at once – there in Canberra to share with you (in warmer weather) the terrific Christmas excitement, carols, worship, music, (pudding) etc… but also here at Lalgadh (in very cold weather) because Christmas at Lalgadh Hospital and Lalgadh Church is sooo differently exciting and rewarding. Hand Reconstructive Surgery “Bash” – and a life changing miracle for many Can you possibly imagine trying to cope if you had no hands … or fingers … and for some also no feet?

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    How would you feed yourself, clothe yourself, loo yourself, pick things up, write, type, scratch an itchy spot, tie shoe-laces, pick up anything ….do anything…? For many many people in this very poor part of the world, one or both hands are mutilated, deformed, often with limited or no function … especially in children