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  • 1. BellringerWhat do you know about Indias religion? What is their physical geography like?

2. Geography, History, and Culture(C) Andrea M. Bentley 3. India Intro 4. India 1 billion people! Used to be part of Britain until 1947 5. Indian Subcontinentsubcontinent: large landmass that is smaller than a continent; used to be its own continentIndian Subcontinent is also called South Asia 6. What countries make up this subcontinent? BangladeshBhutanIndiaMaldivesNepalPakistanSri Lanka 7. Natural Resources Draw a picture in each box for the resources below Fertile SoilTimberLivestockMineral ResourcesFarms produce tea, TreesCattleIron orerice, & nutsWater Buffalo coal 8. Climate Color the areas on your map that match with the descriptions below HighlandHumid TropicalTropical ForestDesert and Climate Subtropical Savanna ClimateClimateSteppe Climates Climate Cool temps Hot, humid Warm temps Warm temps; Dry climate summers;all year; wetheavy rains with little Areas: plenty of and dryrainfallHimalayas, rainfallseasons Areas: SWNepal,India, Sri Areas:Bhutan Areas: plains Areas: central Lanka,southern and south of theIndia and SriMaldives, western India Himalayas LankaBangladeshand Pakistan 9. Caste System 10. Caste SystemCaste system: division ofSocial Classes Indian society into groups 1. Priests and Wise Men(Brahmans) based on a persons birth or job 2. Warriors and Rulers(Kshtriyas)Believe your social class is3. Merchants, Traders, inherited and does not and Small Farmers change throughout a(Vaisyas)4. Peasants or Field persons lifeWorkers (Sudras)The only way to move to a5. The Untouchables: higher class is to be born lowest class; they do workno one else would do into one in another life 11. Indias Slums 12. Caste System 13. Indian Culture - Religion Religion has a big role in Indianhistory India is the birthplace of severalmajor religions (for example,Hinduism and Sikhism,pronounced Seek-ism)Bathing in theGanges River (Hinduism) Golden Temple (Sikhism) 14. Hinduism 15. HinduismHindus believe in millions of gods that they have to worship to protect them and so that good things will happen to them. Hindus choose which of their gods they worship based on what each god is supposed to do for those who follow it.For example, Ganesha is a popular god because he is thought to give people who worship him wisdom. 16. KarmaThey also worship their gods to build good karma. Karma is like a score being kept of every good or bad thing a person does. Hindus dont believe that life is over when a person dies. They believe that everyone is reborn again as a different person or animal. This is called reincarnation.The only way to escape from the cycle of reincarnation is to build up enough good karma (to do enough good things) to earn salvation and escape from the cycle of reincarnation. 17. PujaHindus follow many customs and have many festivals in an effort to keep all their gods happy. One custom is called puja. Puja is worship that Hindus perform at home by honoring the idols of their gods that they keep at home but it can also take place in a temple dedicated the gods with other people 18. India Assessmentdo one of the following to show your knowledge of India PG. 55 TAKES UP WHOLE PAGE3 color minimumTACTILE WRITTEN VERBAL VISUALJigsaw PuzzleHaikuTalk Show Pictowords Create a puzzle, Create a Haiku Write a dialogueCreate 4where each piecepoem on each ofbetween a talkpictowordsshows written orthe four areas show host and 3 (illustrated word)illustrated discussedguests from for RESOURCES,information from(resources, climate, different castes. CLIMATE, CASTE,resources, climate, caste system and Include 2 questions HINDUISM.caste system andreligion)per guest and their The illustrationreligion response. should give theHaikus do not Can be written in reader anrhyme and follow the the form of a script. understanding ofpattern: the words5 syllablesmeaning.7 syllables5 syllables 19. More about Hinduism Believe the cow to be sacred Many Hindus are vegetarians Believe that ones actions determine ones fate = Karma


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