indian astrology | vedic astrology reading | astrology ...indian astrology or jyotisha is an ancient...

Download Indian astrology | Vedic astrology reading | astrology ...Indian Astrology or Jyotisha is an ancient Vedic predictive system which can reveal one’s past, present and future. Indian astrology has its roots in Vedas, the ...indi

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Indian astrology | Vedic astrology reading | astrology Indian | vedic horoscope

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We followIndian Vedic astrology principles for preparing astrological reading.The Indian Vedic Astrology system is the most ancient and most accurate.For readings, Your birth details are required.

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Indianastrology or Jyotish

Indian Astrology or Jyotisha is an ancient Vedic predictive system whichcan reveal ones past, present and future. Indian astrology has itsroots in Vedas, the ancient Vedic scriptures and is famous for theaccuracy in predicting the events of ones life. This astrology systemis flourished from thousands of years in India and a core part of Indiansociety.

TheVedic astrology system differs from the western astrology in many ways.The analysis done in Indian astrology system is more in- depth than thewestern or the Chinese astrology. In western astrology, the predictionsare done on the basis of date of birth same as Chinese, but in Indianastrology, the input used is date, place and time of birth which makesthe Vedic horoscope more accurate and personalized to an individual.

Indian astrology is a scientific analysis of the planets, their specificplacements in the constellations and their impacts on different aspectsof the life of an individual. These different placements andconfigurations of the planets are mapped in the form of horoscope.Horoscope represents the configurations and placements of the planets atthe time of birth of an individual. The variation in the configurationcomes with the change in the date, time and place of birth. This changein configurations changes the events or happenings in the life of thatindividual in some or all areas of life.

Anexpert astrologer makes the Vedic horoscope on the basis of date, timeand place of birth of an individual and studies the configurations andplacements of nine planets in twelve predefined houses of Vedichoroscope. Each of these houses represents some important aspects oflife. An astrologer analyzes the placement of a planet in a particularhouse and zodiac, its strength, its nature (benefic or malefic), itsimpact on a particular aspect of life and intensity of impact. He alsostudies impacts on different houses of the horoscope to provide precisepredictions regarding the aspects related to that particular house inhoroscope

Vedic astrology has threebranches.




Siddhanta is more focused on Indian astronomy and provide basis forcalculations in Indian astrology.

Samhita presents a predictive system which is more focused onpredictions for country or world rather than an individual .It predictsthe events such as revolutions, wars, elections, cyclones, financialaspects and Vastu on the basis of country horoscope and transit ofplanets.

Horais a predictive system for individual .On the basis of individualshoroscope, it predicts about the events in the life of an individualwith very good level of accuracy. This predictive system touches everyaspect of human life and the predictions are reliable and relevant tothe modern life.

Indian or Hindu astrology uses sidereal zodiacs which is different fromthe tropical zodiacs used by western system. Using tropical systemmakes the calculation less authentic as in the tropical system; theconnection between the zodiac sign and sky constellation is broken. Theposition of planets calculated in western astrology keeps on changingwith respect to stars. Vedic astrology not only uses the twelve zodiacsfrom Babylonian system but also includes twenty seven lunarconstellations. The inclusion of lunar mansions which are callednakshatras makes Indian astrology more precise and comprehensive.

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