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<p> 1. (OPEN) BADGESVINCENT VAN MALDEREN 2. HR Trends &amp; Beyond: Anticipating the FutureINCREASING TALENTMOBILITY 3. TalentDemographicsWork lifeChange /CultureMobilityCertificationTechnology 4. Badges Badges: what else is new? The future is here Mozilla Open Badges = digital credentials Increasing talent mobility through badging The pudding 5. Badges = visualrepresentations of askill or achievementAnatomy:Badge nameDescriptionCriteriaIssuerEvidenceDate issuedStandardsTagsimages taken from;; Jarin Schmidt EATP2013 6. How digital badges work Organiz-ationsIssuer Recipient BACKPACK Universities Employmentsites Networks Bene-ficiary 7. Who else is currently using Open Badges? 8. INCREASING TALENT MOBILITY250 9. INCREASING TALENT MOBILITY250 10. INCREASING TALENT MOBILITY250</p>