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  • ILL TREATEDBy Rajiv Gopal

  • Australia in 1901-1914Was a time when women had very little amount of rights andthey were very badly treated compared to how they are now.

  • There was a lady who had a job as a servant and got treated very badly by her employerHer name was Alice Paul

  • When women got married they had to quit their jobs and devote their lives to their families Thats what she did and also got badly treated by her husband

  • She did not choose to marry her husband ,women had to because it was a economic necessity but it was a choice for men

  • She had to rely on her husband and his little power in society ,which brought them the food on the table

  • The lady thought that she had to do something about everything

  • So she gathered her friends together who also had the same life

  • They went and gathered other women that were suffering this type of life

  • They held a protest which went on for a while outside the presidents residence

  • The security had come out and started to arrest anyone in the protestAlice Paul was arrested 3 times and put in jail

  • While she was in jail she went on a hunger strike But then was force fed for three days

  • But Alice Paul was still confident that they would still be able to get their rights back

  • She had tried a lot of things like going to the prime minister herself and talk to himArranged and held several other protest

  • She started a lot of women rights organizations and societies ,also petitions

  • But the government was still not convinced But the numbers kept growing a women's suffrage petition with 30,000 signatures was presented to the parliament

  • Eventually the government had been convinced and thought that women should have rights to work and live a good life

  • They also demanded justice and freedom from a range of restrictions which were limiting their lives

  • New Zealand women were the first in the world to gain the right to vote in the national election. In 1894 South Australian Women were granted the right to vote followed by Western Australia in 1899, NSW in 1902 and finally Victoria in 1908. Women first voted in second Federal election in 1903. However, women were not eligible for election to the State parliaments until the end of the First World War.



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