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IF YOURE LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT DIVING SITE... WELL HELP YOU MAKE SOME AMAZING DISCOVERIES.** Martinique loves youAN IMPRESSIVE VARIETY OF EXTRAORDINARY SITES FOR ALL LEVELSFAMILY DIVINGIts the perfect destination for safe family diving, with activities available for children aged 8 and up.In 1974, Albert Falco, captain of the famous RV Calypso, met Michel Mtry, first explorer of the shipwrecks in the Bay of Saint-Pierre, who told him about them, and soon became his friend. In 1979, at Falcos request, Commander Jacques Cousteau came to Saint-Pierre in Martinique to film shipwrecks in the bay for his movie Lost Relics of the Sea. Albert Falco spent the next 28 years of his life between Marseille (France) and Martinique.Did you know?ARCHAEOLOGICAL DISCOVERYThe eruption of Mount Pele, which destroyed the city of Saint-Pierre in 1902, sank more than a dozen boats in the bay. Today, the bay is known around the world as the richest shipwreck diving site in the entire Caribbean.DIVING ACTIVITIES FOR EVERYONETheres more than one way to dive! Diving activities for all levels, from the curious beginner to the demanding expert.A RICH UNDERSEA ENVIRONMENTDiscover a fascinating world beneath the waves: coral reefs, dolphins, turtles, barracudas all along the Caribbean coast.OTHER WAYS TO ENJOY MARTINIQUE:MARTINIQUE CARNIVALMARTINIQUE YOLE BOAT RACE (TRADITIONAL SAILING CRAFT)CLIMB MOUNT PELEVISIT A TRADITIONAL MARKETOR ONE OF OUR MANY MUSEUMSINTRODUCTION TO BIGUINE MUSICEXPLORE CARIBBEAN CUISINE AND DISTINCTIVE LOCAL RUMSDIVE IN TOTAL SAFETY: ALL SANITARY FACILITIES AND MEDICAL SERVICES MEET EUROPEAN STANDARDS. OUR INSTRUCTORS ARE FULLY CERTIFIED, AND A HYPERBARIC CHAMBER IS AVAILABLE IN CASE OF DIVING ACCIDENTS.SOUTH OF FORT-DE-FRANCE BAY,SAFELY EXPLORE VAST CORAL REEFS IN SHALLOW WATER SURROUNDED BY PRISTINE SAND BEACHES.FOR MORE INFORMATIONWWW.MARTINIQUE.ORGIN THE NORTH, DIVE IN AND EXPLORE THE FAMOUS SHIPWRECKS OF SAINT-PIERRE A ONE-OF-A-KIND SITE WITH MORE THAN 10 SHIPS STARTING AT 30 FEET.JUST A FEW OF THE MANY AMAZING SITES TO EXPLORE IN MARTINIQUEMAP LEGENDNORTHERN SITES SOUTHERN SITESLE ROCHER DE LA PERLELEVEL 1EXPERIENCED130/165 FEET MAX1CAUTION, STRONG CURRENT! ROCK + DROPOFFSBARRACUDAS, PARROTFISH, TRIGGERFISH, FUSILIERS, TREVALLYLE RCIF DU SOUS-MARINLEVEL 185 FEET MAX2ROCK + CAVESGORGONIANS, ROCK LOBSTERS, TURTLES...LE ROCHER DU DIAMANTLEVEL 1EXPERIENCED200 FEET MAX16CAUTION, STRONG CURRENT! ROCK + DROPOFFROCK LOBSTERS, EXCEPTIONAL SITE, GREAT SHOW GUARANTEED.LE TOMBANT DE LGLISELEVEL 1165 FEET MAX18ROCK + DROPOFFROCK LOBSTERS, TURTLES, TRUMPETFISH, PORCUPINEFISH, BOXFISH, CLEANER SHRIMPLA GRANDE CAYE DE SAINTE-LUCELEVEL 1115 FEET MAX19ROCK + DROPOFFGORGONIANS, ROCK LOBSTERS, PARROTFISH, BUTTERFLYFISH, MORAY EELS, SQUIDLES TROIS VALLESLEVEL 1100 FEET MAX20ROCK + DROPOFFGORGONIANS, SPONGES, SPIDER CONCHS, MACKEREL, BARRACUDASLE TOMBANT DES SORBESLEVEL 1150 FEET MAX21(FOR THE TOP OF THE DROPOFF) ROCK + DROPOFFMUTTON SNAPPERS, SEA BREAMS, TRANSITIONFROM CARIBBEAN SEA TO THE ATLANTIC.LES SOURCES CHAUDESLEVEL 1165 FEET MAX7(FOR THE TOP OF THE REEF FLAT) ROCK + DROPOFFEAGLE RAYS, SEA BREAMS, MACKEREL, BARRACUDASLES JARDINS DU PRCHEURLEVEL 1115 FEET MAX4ROCK + CAVESSPONGES, TURTLESLE CAP SALOMONLEVEL 1135 FEET MAX13(FOR THE TOP OF THE REEF FLAT) ROCK + DROPOFFROCK LOBSTERS, CORAL, BREAM, BONITOS, SPIDER CRABS, CORAL REEF FISHLES CANYONS DE BABODILEVELS 1 AND 2200 FEET MAX5ROCKS + DROPOFFS + SAND PLATEAUSSTING RAYS, LEAF CORALLE NAHOONLEVEL 2115 FEET MAX12THREE-MAST SHIPWRECKYELLOWHEAD JAWFISHLE BISCAYELEVEL 2EXPERIENCED125 FEET MAX8THREE-MAST SHIPWRECKROCK LOBSTERS, SOLDIERFISH, MORAY EELSLE RORAIMALEVEL 2EXPERIENCED, LEVEL 3180 FEET MAX9SHIPWRECKLAMLIELEVEL 140 FEET MAX10THREE-MAST SHIPWRECKSPONGES, MORAY EELS, HATCHETFISH, SOLDIERFISH, TROPICAL SOLES, GARDEN EELSCAP ENRAGLEVEL 185 FEET MAX11ROCK + DROPOFFGORGONIANS, SPONGES, ANGELFISH,SCORPIONFISH, BARRACUDASLE BANC DU DIAMANTLEVEL 2165 FEET MAX17CAUTION, STRONG CURRENT! ROCK + DROPOFFTREVALLY, BARRACUDAS, ANTIQUE ANCHORSLA CITADELLELEVEL 1200 FEET MAX3ROCK + DROPOFFS + SAND PLATEAUSGORGONIANS, ROCK LOBSTERS, TURTLES, MUTTON SNAPPERS, SPONGESLE TOMBANT DE BARADILEVEL 1180 FEET MAX6(FOR THE TOP OF THE REEF FLAT) ROCK + DROPOFFGORGONIANS, SPONGES, MANY PELAGIC FISHES, SPOTTED EAGLE RAYS, TURTLESLA POINTE BURGOSLEVEL 1180 FEET MAX14(FOR THE TOP OF THE REEF FLAT) ROCK + DROPOFFSEA BREAMS, GRUNTS, PLATAX, MACKEREL, BONITOS,BARRACUDAS, STINGRAYS, EAGLE RAYSLES GRANDES JORASSESLEVEL 2200 FEET MAX15ROCK + DROPOFFBIGEYE TREVALLY,MACKEREL, EAGLE RAYSLE DOMINGOLEVEL 285 FEET MAX22CAUTION, STRONG CURRENT! ROCK + SEAGRASS BEDSTINGRAYS - ONE OF THE RARE DIVES THATS ENTIRELY IN THE ATLANTIC82FYEAR ROUNDWATER TEMPERATURE4583 ftHIGHEST POINT: MOUNT PELE217MILESMARTINIQUEGETTING HEREAbout 15 airlines fl y to Martinique from France, Europe, the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.Expect about an 4-hour fl ight from New York to Fort-de-France. For more information, visit:www.aircaraibes.comwww.airfrance.frwww.corsair.frwww.xlairways.comwww.aircanada.comwww.norwegian.comwww.americanairlines.comwww.liat.comwww.airantilles.comwww.condor.comwww.airtransat.comLANGUAGESFrench is the offi cial language,and Creole is also spoken everywhere. English is spoken in most tourist areas.WEATHERTropical climate thats perfect for diving all year round.HEALTHNo vaccinations are necessary, but mosquito repellent is recommended. Dont forget your sunscreen! Beware of manchineel trees, highly toxic trees found along the beach and marked with a red band.REQUIRED DOCUMENTSCurrently valid ID card or passport for EU nationals. Valid passport required for US citizens. Passport for everyone else.ACCOMMODATIONA wide range of lodging options is available: hotels from luxury to budget, vacation villages, tourist residences, furnished tourist apartments, bed and breakfasts, quality campgrounds.SAFETYAbout 20 hospitals and clinics across the island, including a university hospital center with a hyperbaric chamber.A QUICK GUIDEINHABITANTS380,000TIME DIFFERENCE FROM NEW YORKHIN WINTER1 HIN SUMMER0A FEW OF MARTINIQUES DIVING PROFESSIONALSComit Martiniquais du Tourisme 2017 Crdits photos : photothque Comit Martiniquais du Tourisme, iStock, C. Migeon, R. Pakiela, J. Fayon, Shutterstock.FOR MORE INFORMATION WWW.US.MARTINIQUE.ORGMARTINIQUE TOURISM BOARDFORT-DE-FRANCE5, AVENUE LOULOU BOISLAVILLETOUR LUMINA POINTE SIMON97276 FORT-DE-FRANCE CEDEXPHONE: 0596616177 FAX: 0596612272www.martinique.orginfos.cmt@martiniquetourisme.comFRANCE ET EUROPE32 BOULEVARD HAUSSMANN 75 009 PARISPHONE: 01 44 77 86 00 FAX: 01 44 77 86 25www.martinique.orginfos.cmt@martiniquetourisme.comCANADA1800, AVENUE MC GILL COLLEGEBUREAU 1010MONTRAL QUBEC H3A 3J6PHONE: 00 1 514 844 85 66 FAX: 00 1 514 844 89 01www.lamartinique.cainformation@lamartinique.caAMRIQUES ET CARABES825, THIRD AVENUE 29TH FLOOR NEW YORK, N.Y. 10022 7519PHONE: 00 1 212 838 68 87www.us.martinique.orginfo@martinique.orgDIVING CENTERSABACA DIVE (ESPACE PLONGE MARTINIQUE)infos@epm972.frLes Trois-letsABALONE DIVEabcdive972@gmail.comLes Trois-IletsABYSS PLONGE MARTINIQUEabyssplongee@hotmail.frLes Anses dArletALIOTIS PLONGEaliotis.plongee@gmail.comLes Trois-letsALPHA PLONGEalphaplongee@gmail.comLes Anses dArletAN DLOjustfaye@wanadoo.frLe DiamantANSES DARLET PLONGEandrecammarota@hotmail.comLes Anses dArletANTILLES SUB DIAMOND ROCKkb972@orange.frLe DiamantA PAPA DLOa.papadlo@yahoo.comSaint-PierreATTITUDE PLONGEdidier.plunet@hotmail.frLes Trois-letsBOUCANIERS DIVINGboucaniersdiving@gmail.comSainte-AnneCLUB DE PLONGE LA BATELIREvarlet@ool.frSchoelcherCLUB SPORTIF MILITAIRE DE LA MARTINIQUE*sportsub@orange.frFort-de-France CORAIL CLUB CARABEScorailclub@corailclubcaraibes.comLes Trois-letsCRAZY FROG SARLcrazy.frog@free.frLes Anses-dArletCSCP PLONGEcscp-plongee@rocketmail.comCase-PiloteDEEP TURTLEcontact@deepturtleplongee.frLes Anses dArletHISTOIRE DAIRcontact@histoiredair.frSainte-LuceIMMERSION CARABESimmersioncaraibes@gmail.comLe MarinKALINAGOkalinago2@wanadoo.frSainte-Anne KARIBA PLONGE (FG LIMARO SAS)fgromali@gmail.comSainte-Luce MADA PLONGEdavidjahocean@live.frLes Anses dArletMADININA SPORT PASSION*sebrouge6@hotmail.frRivire SaleMARIN PLONGE SARLcontact@marinplongee.comLe MarinNATIYABELnatiyabel@wanadoo.frSainte-AnneNORCASUB SARLnorcasubplongee@hotmail.comLe CarbetPARADIS PLONGE LE MENELECfred@paradisplongee.comSainte-AnnePLONGE PASSION (MAMS)plongeepassion.tipayot@gmail.comLes Anses dArletSAINTE LUCE KAWAN PLONGEEkawan.plonge@gmail.comSainte-LuceSCUBA LIBRE*scubalibr@yahoo.frLes Trois-letsSURCOUF DIVE*surcouf-dive@wanadoo.frSaint-PierreTROPICA SUB PLONGEtropicasub@orange.frLe CarbetUCPA SAINT-PIERRE*saintpierre.dc@ucpa.asso.frSaint-PierreDIVING INSTRUCTORSABIVEN CHRISTIANcabiven@laposte.netDucosABOU JULIEN (ARCHIMDE)bouba276@hotmail.frLe FranoisAQUABOXE*aquaboxe@live.fr Le DiamantASSOCIATION H 2 EAUX*h2eauxfortdefrance@gmail.comFort-de-FranceBELLIARD JOSjosebelliard2000@yahoo.frSaint-JosephBILDE YVANyvanbilde@gmail.comLes Trois-letsBLANC PATRICKblancblanc972@mediaserv.netLes Trois-letsBORNE RICeric.borne66@gmail.comRivire PiloteBUBBLE DIVEltoulouze@hotmail.frLes Anses dArletCENTRE DE CULTURE SCIENTIFIQUE, TECHNIQUE ET INDUSTRIELLE DE LA MARTINIQUE (CARBET DES SCIENCES)*mer.carbet.sciences@gmail.comLe LamentinCOLLARD MARINEmarine.collard31@laposte.netSchoelcherCORNAILLE PHILIPPEphilippecornaille@gmail.comRivire SaleDAUPHINS MARTINIQUEcontact@dauphin-martinique.comLes Trois-letsDE RYCKE SARAHsarahderycke4@gmail.comLe DiamantDELABALLE SBASTIENsebdlab@free.frSainte-LuceDOBBELS FRANCKlagrue.dobbels@gmail.comLes Trois-letsFESQUET NICOLEnicole.fesquet@yahoo.frSainte-Anne FLORA FRDRICfred.fl r06@gmail.comSainte-AnneGILLES-LAGRANGE VIRGINIEvinygwada@free.frSainte-AnneGOURBIL GALgael.gourbil@gmail.comLe DiamantGUIMERA CHRISTELLEmanakaya@live.frLe MarinJOUSSEAUME MATTHIEUmatt.jouss@gmail.comLe CarbetLANOIX GUYguy.lanoix@gmail.comSchoelcherLEJEUNE FRDRICfl ejeune@free.frMEYER JEAN-MARIEjmplonge@gmail.comSaint-PierrePLENIERE FLORIANfl orian.pleniere@gmail.comLes Trois-letsTHFOIN GUILLAUMEguillaume.thfoin@free.frSaint-PierreTY DOMINO PLONGEc.botiveau@gmail.comLe RobertVARKALA PIERRE-WALTERpierrewalter@hotmail.frLe Marin*Associative diving center.LES SPORTS-SUBMartinique-French Guiana underwater Sports Committee or Authority, part of the FFESSM (French Federation for underwater Studies and Sports)Maison des Sports Pointe de la Vierge 97200 Fort de FrancePhone: 0596610914Cell: 0696269626E-mail: sportsub@orange.frMARTINIQUE DESTINATION PLONGE(Association of professional diving centers)Capitainerie de la Marina - Pointe du Bout - 97229 Les Trois-letsTl/Fax : + 596 5 96 66 01 79E-mail : mdestinationplongee972@gmail.comMartinique Magnifi que @visitmartinique martiniquemagnifi que


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