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tells you what identity theft is and how it effects you also what you can do about it


  • 1. IDENTITY THEFT2011 Fact, Fiction and Safeguards... Welcome to Presented by Paul L. Kennedy,CITRMS Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists

2. Identity theft is the only crimewhereyou are Guilty Until Proven Innocent 3. No one is Immune !!! 4.

  • You were pick- pocketed
  • Your house was robbed
  • Something had been taken from your locker
  • You got mugged
  • You returned to an empty parking space

In The Past You Knew When You Had Been Robbed 5. Jan 2005 - August 2010 *510,584,085 records lost from data base breaches You Cant Get Back What You Have Already Given Away. *Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Reported Cases Only - FTC 6. Identity Theft is not just Credit Cards! ID Theft is an international crime andaccess to an attorney may be critical...Five Common Types of Identity Theft What is Identity Theft? Drivers License Identity Theft Medical Identity Theft Financial Identity Theft Social Security Identity Theft Character / CriminalIdentity Theft 7. Drivers License Identity Theft

    • Thieves use your information to acquire a drivers license in your name or claim to be you during a traffic stop
  • You could receive a DWI, hit and run orother driving-related charges
  • Your driving privileges could be suspended or revoked
  • You could be arrested during a routine traffic stop for crimes you did not commit

What is Identity Theft? 8. Social Security (SSN) Identity Theft What is Identity Theft?

  • Illegal immigrants use you SSN to gain employment (may or may not file a return)
  • Criminals use your SSN when arrested
  • Thieves use your SSN to obtain a passport
  • Thieves use your SSN to buy & sell real estate, including re-financing or obtaining a home equity loan on real estate you already own
  • Thieves use your SSN to obtain a drivers license, insurance coverage, file tax returns, school admission, access your financial accounts

9. Medical Identity Theft

    • Thieves use your information for insurance benefits,R x, Medicare, Medicaid benefits, or for medical tests

What is Identity Theft?

  • Your rates could go up or your coverage could be cancelled or maxed-out
  • You could owe thousands of dollars for a procedure you never had
  • You could be unable to obtain medical or life insurance, other coverage, and/or employment because of conditions that youdo nothave (AIDS, Diabetes etc)

10. Character / Criminal Identity Theft

  • You could be arrested
  • You could be denied employment orfired from your current job because of fraudulent criminal records
  • Security checkpoints at airports could become a nightmare for you
  • You could be denied a passport and be barred from leaving the country
    • Thieves mask their criminal activity behind your identity

What is Identity Theft? 11. Financial Identity Theft

  • They deplete your accounts
  • They rack up outrageous charges on credit cards, take out new loans, and more
  • They destroy your credit, forcing you to pay higher rates
  • Legally be held responsible for the debts incurred by the thieves in your name (Regulation E)
    • Thieves use your information to open new accounts or to gain access to existing accounts

What is Identity Theft? 12. Your Name Fingerprints and DNA Insurance Claims Military RecordCriminal History Real Estate Documents Legal History Credit History Birth Certificate, Adoption,Marriage & Divorce Info Public RecordsAddress, phone number Social Security numberThe Data Based You Drivers License # and Record Medical Records Vehicle Registration( I-Pass, On Star, etc) 13. TheMedicalData Based You Insurance Carrier Name Center For DiseaseControlBlood Bank, X-ray, & lab data basesMedical Information Bureau (MIB) Health Department Personnel File at workAddress MedicareMedicaidHospital Data Bases Physician Data Bases HOSPITALS & ALL Medical Offices Laptops , CDsThumb & Jump Drives Pharmacy Data Bases 14. The Best Answer Life EventsLegal Plan & 24/7 Access Pre-Paid Legal YOU Monitoring Services Kroll, Inc. Restoration Services Kroll, Inc. A Complete Wall of Protection 15. THANK YOU Paul L. Kennedy,CITRMS Jacqueline A. Kennedy,CITRMS Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist Pre-Paid LegalServices , Inc.