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  • ICT Project on Text Transcription of Technical Video Lectures and

    Creation of Video Searchable Index, Metadata and Online Quizzes

    Status Report up to September 30, 2010

    Project duration: April 2009 to April 2011


    Under the National Mission on Education through ICT

    Submitted to: The Additional Secretary (TEL) Department of Higher Education Ministry of Human Resource Development Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi


  • 1. Original project proposal which was approved and financial sanction accorded: Objectives of the project: 1. The project proposes to produce transcript files for all video lectures produced in NPTEL Phase I in a

    phased mannerabout 1000 files every six months. So far about 2200 lectures have been transcribed

    through a manual transcription process and having data on speech (in English) with sufficient variation in

    pronunciation by Indian English speakers for training machines for automatic speech-to-text transcription

    with an improved accuracyabout 60 percent or so. The project proposes to generate enough data

    when completed, so that a large number of NPTEL Phase II video lectures can be text transcribed using

    automatic means.

    2. Every transcribed lecture is being time coded and indexed using technologies available on the net and

    standard text books. This will enable the user to point to a particular video segment through a single or a

    rapid keyword based search on all the 4600 or so hours of recorded material. When completed, this will

    also be the first time in technical education all over the world that such facilities and standard video based metadata are available on the internet for the entire science and engineering curriculum. 3. The availability of complete text material for technology courses will enable the lectures to be subtitled

    in English, Hindi and other languages where sufficient technical vocabulary exists. This will help non-

    native English speakers and students in rural colleges throughout India to learn the concept through a

    partial or complete translation of the spoken content in their first language.

    4. Every course with video lectures will be accompanied by quizzes online to facilitate the reader to

    understand the material in a focused manner. Also such quizzes can provide the basis for future

    University examinations adopting NPTEL contents.


  • Budget Proposed: SUMMARY:


    ITEM BUDGET (in lakhs of Rupees)

    1st Year 2nd Year Total

    A. Recurring

    1.Salaries/wages Rs.89,40,000 Rs.89,40,000 Rs.1,78,80,000

    2. Consumables Rs.60,000 Rs.60,000 Rs.1,20,000

    3. Travel Rs. 2,00,000 Rs. 2,00,000 Rs. 4,00,000

    4. Other costs Rs. 2,50,000 Rs. 2,50,000 Rs. 5,00,000

    B. Equipment Rs.1,26,00,000

    Grand total (A+B)



    ITEM DESCRIPTION (in Rupees)

    1st Year (m.m.*) 2nd Year (m.m.) Total (m.m.)

    Designation & number of




    A programmer/System

    Analyst with three to five

    years of experience for

    two years

    Rs. 25,000 Rs. 3,00,000 Rs. 3,00,000 Rs. 6,00,000

    Six Project Associates

    for each branch of


    Science video program

    two years

    Rs. 15, 000 Rs. 10,80,000 Rs. 10,80,000 Rs. 21,60,000


  • One attendant Rs. 5,000 Rs.60,000 Rs.60,000 Rs. 1,20,000

    Honoraria payments to

    faculty for authenticating

    course contents (120


    Rs. 25,000 per

    courseRs. 15,00,000 Rs. 15,00,000 Rs. 30,00,000

    Outsourcing transcription

    for 5000 video hours to

    produce text and time-

    line indexed videos

    Rs. 2,400 per

    lectureRs.60,00,000 Rs.60,00,000 Rs.1,20,00,000

    Total Rs.1,78,80,000



    1st Year 2nd Year Total

    Other consumables Rs. 60,000 Rs. 60,000 Rs. 1,20,000

    Total Rs. 1,20,000



    1st Year 2nd Year Total


    travel Travel (Only inland travel)

    Rs. 2,00,000 Rs. 2,00,000

    Rs. 4,00,000

    Travel abroad (specify





    1st Year 2nd Year Total


    One Workshop with about fifty

    participants to understand the

    technology and provide feedback

    on the text transcription

    procedures and content costs

    Rs. 2,50,000 Rs. 2,50,000

    Rs. 5,00,000

    BUDGET FOR EQUIPMENT (Computers, peripherals contingency, consumables):

    Sl. No.

    Generic name of the Equipment along with make & model

    Imported /Indigenous

    Estimated Costs (in Foreign Currency also)*

    Spare time for other users (in %)

    1 Two high speed scanners Rs. 50,000

    2 A high quality laser printer Rs. 50,000


    Contingency expenses for stationeries,

    other computer peripherals, Eight Desktop

    servers for the Associates

    Rs. 5,00,000


    High end server with 32-64 processors,

    adequate memory, storage and warranty

    or three years for providing access to all

    the contents and video lectures through

    the servers for national access

    A formal quotation from one of the

    vendors is attached along with the

    proposal as a basis for arriving at this


    Rs 1,20,00,000

    (Rs. 120 lakhs)

    Total Rs.1,26,00,000


  • 2. Funds received so far and utilized: Financial Statement for the period ending: 30/09/2011 Name of the Co-ordinator : Mangala Sunder K Title of Project : ICT project on Text transcription of technical video

    lectures and creation of searchable video index,

    metadata and online quizzes.

    Project No. : CCE0910005MHRDKMAN START DATE : 27/04/2009 CLOSE DATE : 31/03/2012

    Budget Head Budget Allocation Expenditure Balance

    Commitments Expenditure Inclusive of

    Commitments Staff 17880000.00 9463521.00 0.00 9463521.00Equipment 12600000.00 10751477.00 0.00 10751477.00Consumables 120000.00 54386.00 0.00 54386.00Contingencies 0.00 43069.00 0.00 43069.00Travel 400000.00 254878.00 0.00 254878.00Components 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00Inst. Overhead 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00Others 500000.00 275752.00 0.00 275752.00Total 31500000.00 20843083.00 0.00 20843083.00

    A. Total grant received upto the end of this month : 36100545.00

    B. Expenditure incurred upto the end of this month : 20843083.00

    C. Balance commitment at the end of this month : 0.00

    D. Total expenditure + Commitment : 20843083.00

    E. Balance of Funds Available [A -(B+C)] : 15257462.00


  • 3. Milestones achieved and activities completed: Summary of activities proposed and current status: Activities proposed:

    Accurately transcribe and certify text files with video images of all lectures from 4,000 hours of

    video lectures. Approximately 92,000 print pages (A4) will be made available for online access.

    The text files will be certified by the faculty who developed the video courses. This will enable

    viewers to browse through authenticated text contents of 4,000 hours of engineering lessons in

    video and search for specific topics with the help of powerful search engines.

    Text transcription of video will be done semi-automatically by engaging private companies in and

    around Chennai and using the expertise available in speech recognition technology at IIT Madras.

    To enable this, the video lectures will be transcribed first using private agencies.

    Current status:

    Lectures Transcribed 2214 hours (495 hours Edited) List of total no. of transcribed lectures uploaded on the website to date:

    S.No. Department Lectures

    ( Hours)

    1. Basic Courses 147

    2. Civil Engineering 387

    3. Computer Science & Engineering 689

    4. Electrical Engineering 298

    5. Electronics & Communication Engineering 348

    6. Mechanical Engineering 289

    7. Biotechnology 56

    Total 2214



  • Summary

    Sl. No Activity Timeline

    1. Text Transcription of the first 100 video lectures on a trial basis

    September 2009 (Status: Completed)

    2. Editing of 100 transcribed lectures to provide a master copy of the transcribed lecture for faculty review

    November 2009 (status: completed)

    3 Training of machine based transcription process with data generated from the first 100 lectures by several different speakers

    June 2010 (status: ongoing)

    4. Purchase of the video streaming server (64 nodes (eight, dual quad core processors and 200 TB memory for storing all 5000 hours for various video encoding experiments and for hosting Sakshat contents as a mirror)

    October 2009 (st