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  • 7/28/2019 HPLC Analysis of Alprazolam


    SAMPLEMatrix: bloodSample preparat ion: 2 mL Whole blood or pla sm a + 2 mL buffer + 5 mL chloroform:isopropanol: n-h epta ne 60 :1 4:2 6, sh ake gently horizontally for 10 min, centrifuge a t 2800g for 10 min. Remove the lower organic layer and evaporate it to dryness under vacuumat 45, reconstitute the residue in 100 |xL mobile phase, centrifuge at 2800 g for 5 min,inject a 50 jxL aliquot of th e su pe rn ata nt. (Buffer w as sa tur ate d am mo nium chloridesolution 25% diluted w ith water, adjusted to pH 9.5 with 25% amm onia solution.)

    HPLCVARIABLESColumn: 300 X 3.9 4 |jim NovaPack C18Mobile phase: M eOH :TH F:buffer 65 :5 :3 0 (Buffer wa s 0.68 g/L (10 mM (sic)) KH 2PO 4adjusted to pH 2.6 with concentrated orthophosphoric acid.) (At the end of each sessionwash the column with water for 1 h and MeOH for 1 h, re-equilibrate for 30 min.)Colum n tem pera ture: 30Flow rate: 0 .8Inject ion volum e: 50Detector: UV 222CHROMATOGRAMRetention t ime: 4 .17Limit of detect ion:

  • 7/28/2019 HPLC Analysis of Alprazolam


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    KEYWORDSwhole blood; plasmaREFERENCETracqui, A.; Kintz, R; Mangin, P. Systematic toxicological analysis using HPLC/DAD. J.Forensic Sci.,1995, 40, 254-262SAMPLEMatrix: bloodSample preparat ion: 50 |xL Serum + 25 \xL 0.5 |xg/mL demoxepam in water + 100 |xL 1

    M pH 9.0 borate buffer, mix well, add 2 mL diethyl ether, vortex for 40 s, centrifuge at1100 g for 5 min. Remove ether layer and evaporate it at 40 under nitrogen. Take upresidue in 50 JJLL mobile phase, inject an aliquot.HPLCVARIABLESColumn: 150 X 2 5jxm Ultrasphere C18Mobile phase: M eCN : M eOH : 43 mM pH 2.4 sodium aceta te buffer 8:45:47Flo w rate: 0 .3Inject ion volum e: 20Detector: UV 230CHROMATOGRAMRetention time: 7Internal s tandard: demoxepam (4)Limit of detect ion: 5 ng/mLOTHER SUBSTANCESExtracted: metabolites, triazolamSimul taneous: chlorpromazine, clonazepam, diazepam, flurazepam, hexobarbital, oxaze-pam, phenobarbital, temazepamNoninterfering: amphetamine, buspirone, chlordiazepoxide, cocaine, cocathylene, fluma-zenil, midazolam, norcocaineKEYWORDSrat; serumREFERENCEJin, L.; Lau, CE. Determination of alprazolam and its major metabolites in serum microsamples byhigh-performance liquid chromatography and its application to pharmacokinetics in rats.J.Chromatogr.B, 1994, 654, 7 7 - 8 3

  • 7/28/2019 HPLC Analysis of Alprazolam


    SAMPLEMatrix: bloodSample preparat ion: Inject 100-200 |xL pla sm a o nto column A w ith m obile ph as e A andelute to w aste, after 5 min backflush th e co ntents of column A onto column B with mobileph ase B , after 5 min remove column A from th e circuit, elute column B with m obile pha seB, mon itor the effluent from column B. W ash column A with M eCN : wa ter 60:4 0 at 1mL/min for 6 min then re-equilibrate with pH 7.5 buffer for 10 min.HPLCVARIABLESColumn: A 45 X 4 12 [xm TSK-gel G 3 PW (Tosohass); B 75 X 4.6 U ltras ph ere ODS C18 3ixmMobi le phase: A 50 mM pH 7.5 phos pha te buffer; B G radien t. X wa s MeCN. Y was 65 mMKH 2PO 4 + 1% diethy lam ine adjusted to pH 5.4 with phosphoric acid. X:Y 22 :78 for 5min, to 25:75 over 10 min, to 60:40 over 15 min.Flow rate: 1Inject ion vo lum e: 100-200Detector: UV 230CHROMATOGRAMRetention time: 23OTHER SUBSTANCESExtracted: bromazepam, chlordiazepoxide, clobazam, clonazepam, clorazepate, clotiaze-pam, desmethylclobazam, desmethyldiazepam, diazepam, estazolam, flunitrazepam, lof-lazepate, lorazepam, medazepam, nitrazepam, oxazepam, prazepam, temazepam, tetra-zepam, tofisopam, triazolamNoninterfer ing : carbamazepine, phenytoin, ethosuximide, phenobarbital, primidone, val-proic acidKEYWORDSplasma; column-switchingREFERENCELacroix, C ; W ojciechowski, R; Danger, P. Mo nitoring of benzodiaze pines (clobazam, diazepam and the irmain active metabolites) in human plasma by column-switching high-performance liquid chromatog-raphy. J.Chromatogn, 1993, 617, 285-290SAMPLEMatrix: bloodSample preparat ion: 3 mL Plasma + 30 JJLL 10 |xg/mL triazolam in water, mix 1 min,allow to stand for 15 min at room temperature, add to 3 mL Extrelut SPE cartridge andallow to soak in for 10 min, elute with 20 mL dichloromethane. Evaporate eluant at 30und er reduced press ure, tak e up residue in 1 mL MeC N: wate r 5:9 5, stan d for 15 min,centrifuge at 14000 g for 2 min, remove supernatant. Inject a 250 jxL aliquot of thesu pe rn ata nt onto column A with m obile phas e A and elute to w aste. After 7 min forward

    flush th e c ontents of column A onto column B w ith m obile ph ase B. After 0.47 m in removecolumn A from th e circuit and elute column B with mobile ph ase B , mo nitor the effluentfrom column B. When not in u se, flush column A with mobile ph ase A. Between injectionsclean column A with two injections of 250 |xL MeCN.HPLCVARIABLESColumn: A 30 X 2.1 10 ^m MPL C cartridg e PR P-I (Kontron); B 100 X 4.6 MPLC cartridg e5 jxm RP-8 Spheri-5 (Kontron)Mobi le phase: A l L wa ter + 20 mL MeCN + 50 |xL phosphoric acid (pH 3.2); B MeCN:buffer 40 :60 (Buffer wa s 1 L w ater + 20 mL MeCN + 50 \xL phosphoric acid (pH 3.2).)Flo w rate: A 0.3; B 1

  • 7/28/2019 HPLC Analysis of Alprazolam


    Injection volume: 250Detector: UV 230CHROMATOGRAMRetention time: 7.6Internal standard: triazolam (7.0)Limit of quantitation: 1 ng/mLOTHER SUBSTANCESSimultaneous: metabolites, bromazepam, clobazam, diazepam, lorazepam, oxazepamKEYWORDSplasma; SPE; column-switching; pharmacokineticsREFERENCERieck, W.; Platt, D. High-performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of alpra-zolam in plasm a u sing the column-switching technique. J.Chromatogr., 1992, 578, 2 5 9 - 2 6 3SAMPLEMatrix: bloodSample preparation: 1 mL Serum + 25 |xL 1 |xg/mL triazolam in toluene + 75 |xL 0.1%ammonium hydroxide, vortex 30 s, add 5 mL methylene chloride + 5 mL toluene, shake15 min, centrifuge at 177 g for 10 min. Remove aqueous layer and freeze residual aqueouslayer in dry ice-acetone for 30 s. Decant organic layer, dry under nitrogen at 50, vortexresidue with 200 |xL mobile phase, inject a 125 |xL aliquot.HPLCVARIABLESColumn: 150 X 4.6 5 \xm C18 (Supelco)Mobile phase: MeOH: buffer 40:60 (Buffer was 1 mM phosphate and 3 mM hexyltriethy-lammonium phosphate in water at pH 7.4.)Column temperature: 35Flow rate: 2Injection volume: 125Detector: UV 221CHROMATOGRAMRetention time: 26Internal standard: triazolam (30)Limit of detection: 1 ng/mLOTHER SUBSTANCESExtracted: metabolitesKEYWORDSserumREFERENCESchmith, V.D.; Cox, S.R.; Zemaitis, M.A.; Kroboth, RD. New high-performance liquid chromatographicmethod for the determination of alprazolam and its metabolites in serum: instability of 4-hydroxy-alprazolam. J.Chromatogr., 1991, 568, 253-260SAMPLEMatrix: bloodSample preparation: 1 mL Plasma + 10 |xL 4 |xg/mL triazolam in methanol + 0.5 mL pH

    9.12 saturated solution of sodium borate + 4.0 mL ethyl aceta te: heptane 85:15, shake

  • 7/28/2019 HPLC Analysis of Alprazolam


    10 min, centrifuge at 220 g for 10 min. Remove organic layer and evaporate it to drynessunder a stream of nitrogen, reconstitute in 100 |xL mobile phase, inject an aliquot.HPLCVARIABLESCo lum n: 100 X 4.6 5 \xm C18 (IBM)M obile phase : MeCN: 50 mM pH 6 potassium phosphate 30:70 (Between injections wash

    column with 10 mL MeCN: water 70:30 then 10 mL mobile phase.)Flow rate: 1.5Detec tor: UV 214C H R O M A TO G R A MRetention time: 12Internal standard: triazolam (13.2)Lim it of qu an tita tio n: 2 ng/mLOTHER SUBSTANCESExtracted: metabolitesSimultaneous: nitrazepamKEYWORDSplasma; pharmacokineticsREFERENCEMiller, R.L.; DeVane, C L . Alprazolam, a-hydroxy- a nd 4-hydroxyalprazolam analy sis in plasm a by high-performance liquid chromatography. J.Chromatogr., 1988, 430, 180-186SAMPLEMatrix: bloodSample preparation: 2 mL Serum or plasma + 100 (JLL 1 \g/mL IS in water + 0.5 mLwater, vortex, extract w ith 10 mL toluene: isoamyl alcohol 99:1 for 10 min on a rotator,centrifuge for 5 min. Remove upper organic layer, evaporate under a stream of nitrogenat 37, take up in 150 jxL mobile phase, vortex for 2 min, add 0.5 mL hexane, vortexbriefly, centrifuge for 5 min, discard upper hexane layer, inject a 100 |JLL aliquot of thelower layer.HPLCVARIABLESColumn: 250 x 4 Bio-Sil ODS-10 (Bio-Rad)M obile phase: MeCN :pH 4.5 50 mM phosphate buffer 30:70 (Buffer was 6.9 g KH2PO4 in1 L water adjusted to pH 4.5 with orthophosphoric acid.)Column temperature: 45Flow rate: 2.5Injection volume: 100Detecto r: UV 202C H R O M A TO G R A MRetention time: 8.4In te rn al s ta nd ar d: U-31485 (6.9)Lim it of dete ctio n: 1 ng/mLOTHER SUBSTANCESExtracted: metabolites, desipramine, protriptylineNoninterfering: