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How To Use Comic Life

How To Use Comic LifeErin Johnson

Materials:Computer of some kind. (Laptop or Desktop)Comic Life program installed and ready to usePictures of what you would like to make your comic aboutYourself

Step 1Switch on laptop/computer.

Step 2 Log into the laptop/computer.

Step 3Open up the start button (windows logo)

Step 4Once in there click on where it says search When clicked on that typein Comic Life Once that is done searching it should have the words at the top of the search saying Comic Life

Step 55.When you see the title Comic Life Click on it and wait for it to load.

Step 66.Once it is open it should come up with a blank page.

Step 77.You will see pictures down the bottom right hand corner, they are yours.

Step 88.When you are ready to make a comic look at all the templates above.

Step 99.When done click and drag one of the templates you like. It should come up like this.

Step 1010.Now say I wanted to do a picture of Ash (Pokmon) holding a pokeball. I would click and drag the picture into one of the boxes like so.

Step 1111.And then over time when you do the same and add pictures you should end up with a comic like this.

Step 1212.I hope this helped you to make a comic.

- Erin Johnson 8c

Pictures Taken and edited by Erin JohnsonMusic: Sleeping With Sirens If Im James Dean, then your Audrey HepburnBack Ground taken at Maccas by Erin Johnson