How to Sell My Life Insurance Policy for Cash

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The author provides a step by step on how to sell my life insurance policy for a lump sum of cash via a life settlemetn company.


  • How to Sell My Life Insurance Policy for Cash

    If you have ever searched your favorite search engine for, How to sell my life

    insurance policy for cash, you may have just found a website that wanted you to type in your information. As the author of this document, it is my goal and intention to provide you with a clear step by step guide on how to sell your life insurance policy for a lump sum of cash. This guide will be strictly informational on how one can accomplish this task, and it is actually a very simple process that is typically completed in 6-8 weeks.

    Steps to Selling Your Life Insurance Policy:

    1. Make Sure you Qualify to Sell your Life Insurance Policy.a. Life Settlement Qualifications:

    i. Be over the age of 68.ii. Policy has been paid on for at least 2 years.iii. Minimum face value is over $50,000.00.iv. Have an unaffordable, unwanted, or unneeded policy.

    2. Locate a Reputable Life Settlement Company.a. How to Locate an Ethical Life Settlement Company

    i. Make Sure they Are Licensed in your Stateii. Make Sure they Are a Member of the BBB (A Rating or Above)iii. Make Sure they Offer FREE Policy Appraisals.

    3. Request a Free Policy Appraisal.a. Give General Information so an Estimate Can be Provided

    i. If Estimate is Acceptable, Fill out Application.4. Send Back Application.

    a. With eLifeSettlement, you will receive a case number assigned to you.i. The case number allows you to track all aspects of the life

    settlement solution, step by step.5. Sit Back & Relax.

    a. The life settlement company will do all the work from here. They will solicit offers on your behalf.

    i. Accept the Best Offer.ii. Funds will go into escrow to protect both parties and the funds will

    be released when the transaction is complete.