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Great for child development classes, children's literature unit.


  • 1. How To Read A Book Child Development

2. How To Read A BookBefore Reading:2. Choose a good book3. Preview the book Talk about the book, the cover, etc. Ask the child to guess what they think might happen in the story 3. How To Read A BookDuring the reading:2. Use expressionBring the book alive; make your voice excited, scared, soft or loud3. Read slowlyThis allows the child to ask questions or point things out4. Point to pictures and wordsHaving children name the objects builds their language skillsPointing to words as you say them will help children to learn to read faster5. Let children predictAsk them what they think might happen next; also keeps their attention6. Connect the story to lifeHelp them learn from the characters in the bookTalk about similar things in the childrens own lives 4. How To Read A BookAfter the story:2. Review the story Ask questions: What was your favoritepart? Have them summarize the story back toyou3. Extend the story Build on the theme or message of the book 5. How To Read A BookExtending the Story Story extension activities are simplyactivities, designed for children toparticipate in, based on the story which has just been read. Expand learning opportunities for children. 6. How To Read A Book The categories may include: Art Cooking Language Drama Math Messy Play or Sensory Play Science Technology Emotional and social development 7. Todays Assignment For Example: The Very Hungry Caterpillar Art: Use tiny bits of ripped construction paper and tissue paper to recreate the caterpillar or other characters Snack: sample some of the fruits and vegetables the caterpillar eats Math: Prepare a graph with the foods the caterpillar ate. Give each student a small sticky note. Have them write their name on the sticky note. Then have the students place their sticky note on the area of the graph that shows their favorite food. When everyone has placed their sticky note on the graph - ask graph questions: What food was chosen the most/least? How many apples were chosen?... Movement: have children mimic a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Use music or props to enact it. 8. Story ExtensionGreen Eggs and Ham Elementary schools read this book and then have breakfast togethercan you guess what they eat? How else are they extending the story? 9. How To Read A Book 10. Todays Assignment Get into groups of 4 Group Extension Assignment