how to quickly and inexpensively create engagement & traffic on facebook

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If you have limited budgets and human capital to manage your social media marketing programs, this white-label platform will help you offer highly engaging and viral branded experience on Facebook. This solution is a crowdsourcing platform for Facebook. In this case, crowdsourcing means that your customers are creating the content and the engagement - while you get the branding and traffic.


  • 1.Drive more sales by generating more Facebook conversations!

2. The Conversation Engine forFacebook is a designed toincrease customer loyalty,turn customers into brandevangelists and drive moresales Content is generated by you oryour visitors for other visitors toread, comment and vote on These conversations and actionsbreed further engagement viaFacebook's viral channels 1 tune in to your customers 3. According to the Altimeter group,brands that engage the most in insocial media saw their revenue growover the past year by 18% while theleast engaged brands saw losses ofnegative 6%.* The two top brands, Starbucks andDell are both using crowdsourcing**applications similar Social IntentsConversation Engine as acenterpiece of their social mediaengagement strategy.*** 2 tune in to your customers 4. Multiple levels of Facebook integration Works as a standalone Facebook app Can be integrated into your Facebook Fan page Can also be a stand-alone site w/Facebook Connect A scalable, no-hassle hosted platform No tech investment or management required Includes ongoing maintenance and bug-fixes Flexible customization and branding Look and feel in your branding Free, contextual ad serving for your products Customizable features and functionality3tune in to your customers 5. Debt Discussions taps into the collective wisdom of Facebook members looking to share ideas on how to get out of debt or save money Try it out here: tune in to your customers 6. 1Full post page (text, links, images/ video are possible)Every post can be6 2 shared via FB Wall or email 7 1 3 Save favorites in private list2 3 4 Users can comment on any post and push comments to their profile & friends walls4 5 Example of user comment 6 Contextual ad (based on topic of post) 5 7 Users can vote for posts they think are great, similar to 5 tune in to your customers 7. Custom Branded Graphic Friends click on the Post and Are taken to app 6 tune in to your customers 8. Standard User functionality Standard MarketerFunctionality Submits content (text, images, video, etc.) Customizable feature set and branding Vote on content Advanced usage statistics Save favorites in private list Incoming traffic analysis (see Browse submissions by most which one of your marketing recent hot popular and channels are converting the best) random or popular among friends Contextual ad serving Earns points by voting, sharing Click-through tracking and submitting Monitoring & Moderation tools Can share content via Facebook messaging, Wall/Newsfeed and traditional email 7tune in to your customers 9. Give visitors a reason toengage with you on Facebookand introduce their friends toyour brand It is a tremendous free viraltraffic driver for your off-Facebook properties, such ascontent sites, blogs oreCommerce sites By engaging customers incontent creation, minimalhuman intervention isrequired on your part! 8tune in to your customers 10. Electronics company seeking users to Cosmetics brand enabling customers tosubmit tips, tricks and hacks for getting share make-up tips & how to videosthe most out of their products DIY brand enabling users to share their Entertainment company asking users to favorite projectssubmit their funniest videos, jokes orcelebrity quotes Athletic brand enabling users to sharetheir favorite workout routine Packaged goods company sourcing newproduct ideas from their customers Entertainment brand enabling users toshare their favorite music videos Food manufacturer seeking users tosubmit their favorite recipes using the Software retailer enabling users to sharecompanys ingredients their favorite apps (e.g. iPhone,Blackberry, etc.). Environmental organizations looking forusers to submit ideas on how to live Political organizations seeking campaigngreenideas Weight loss: diet & exercise tips, product New mother/father tips with variousrecommendations (favorite meals, etc) stages of pregnancy, the first year andup, product recommendations, diet tips,etc. 9tune in to your customers 11. Setup (live in 1-3 weeks!) Custom branding Custom ad serving Custom functionality Maintenance Tier-1 storage hosting & backup 24/7 access to reports Email & phone support 10 tune in to your customers 12. Contact us for a demo todayVidar Brekke CEO, Social Intent P: (646) 465-296511 tune in to your customers