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How to Manage Your Social Media With

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Born in New York and raised in Connecticut. An award winning young adult and romance author, member of RWA who runs The Pen & Muse Book Reviews blog along with being a Hootsuite Ambassador.


What is Hootsuite is an easy to use social media dashboard and tool that allows you to merge all social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Hootsuite also schedules tweets, tracks brand mentions, and analyzes social media traffic.

Free vs. Paid 5 social media accounts (twitter, Google plus, & FB communities, pages, and regular FB account).Scheduling Tweets (1 at a time).Integration with apps (free and paid).Add up to 2 RSS feeds.3 Basic Reports

Up to 50 social media accounts.Scheduling tweets ( 350 a day).Allows you to have Team members to post on your behalf.Security for your dashboard, passwords, etc.Unlimited RSS feeds. Message archiving up to 100,000.

Pro Plans start at $8.99/mo, more information can be found at up

To sign up for HootSuiteVisit your email address, full name and create a password.Click Sign Up Now.

To add a social networkClick Add Social Network button.Select a social network.Connect your social network.

Adding TabsTo add a tab - 1Click plus (Add Tab) icon. - 2Type tab name, and then press ENTER.

Adding a StreamAfter adding social networks to your HootSuite dashboard, you can add corresponding streams of content. Adding a Twitter profile? Corresponding streams might include Home Feed, Mentions and Scheduled Tweets.

To add a streamClick Add Stream.Select a social network.Select a profile. Select a stream.


On iOS

How can Hootsuite can help manage your social media accountsClean look keeps everything organized so you dont have to go to every application and open it to work.

Cuts down on tabs in your browser and minimizes system resource use.

Helps you schedule your posts and thoughts to send later.

Cross posting is done for you with a quick click on an account.

Analyze traffic and respond to your social media swiftly.

Managing your social media by events, favorite authors, etc. by lists using keywords and hashtags.Create hashtags for your event. This will be great to track your event and engage readers and bloggers.

Make a list on twitter of your favorite authors, favorite people, and then set up streams on Hootsuite.

Setup keyword streams to follow your favorite keywords to help promote your work. Why managing your socialmedia is important as an author/publisher/bookseller.You can engage those who follow you via social media.

You can promote sales.

You can see what people are saying about your work, your client or upcoming books.

If youre a publisher/bookseller you can see what books are trending.

You can provide information about releases and events.

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