How To Make Money From Your Website Without Spending Money

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Read The Related Article Here: So, you want to build a website and you want to make money from it? Or, maybe you already have a website, but its just sitting there without earning you a single dime? This is a very common scenario that plays out for the majority of people who build a website, including affiliate marketers trying to market other peoples products. The solution? Learn the CTPM Process. What is the CTPM process? Read The Full Article Here:


  • 1. How To Make A Website That Will Earn You Money, Without Having To Spend Money Mike Rogers

2. How do you want to attract visitors to your website? Paid advertising FREE visitors 3. Use The CTPM Process 4. C: Creating Valuable Content Create a website blueprint. Write for your visitors AND for search engines. Great content gets shared. Content is KING for growing traffic on a budget. stats. 5. T: Traffic From Multiple Sources 6. P: Pre-Sell Your Visitors 7. M: MONETIZE!!! 8. Free E-Books About The CTPM Process Scroll down or visit: your-website-sell 9. My Free 7 Day Affiliate Marketing E- Course Find a great topic for your website. Perform keyword research and put together a website blueprint. How to register a domain name. How to set up web hosting and create your own custom designed Wordpress website. How to do all of this for under $25 with a monthly overhead of under $10 / mo.