how to hire outdoor wedding planners?

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  1. 1. Tips for Hiring Wedding Planners
  2. 2. Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility - Anne Hathaway
  3. 3. How to single out the best wedding planners?
  4. 4. Experience This should be the first point in your checklist. Even when you go for an interview companies ask for experience. Choosing wedding planner also starts with the same. Collect the list of potential wedding planners based on the kind of a wedding you are looking for. Hiring a newbie is never wrong. But, experienced planners can get you the best result you are looking for, no matter what your requirement is.
  5. 5. Ask For Recommendations This is indeed one of the best options that will help you to single out the best wedding planner in your area. None, but your friends and family members can give you best suggestions in choosing a wedding planner. So, check with them if they had hired any wedding planner before. If yes, then inquire about their services, prices, etc. You can get the real scoop from the previous clients.
  6. 6. Budget Always opt for professional planners. This is because they will have contacts with many vendors. Thus, they will easily get discounts and save you a fortune. They will offer you a customised package that fulfils all your requirements within your budget.
  7. 7. Get Multiple Quotes Schedule an appointment with 3 or more planners and discuss your needs. Pay attention to how well they give ears to your needs and what type of suggestions they come up with. Opt for a planner whom you believe responded well to all your queries and provided a reasonable quote.
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