How to create an account on Podomatic and upload audio files

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  • 1. 1. First, write the URL ( You have to sign upso that you can create your own account:

2. 2. You can choose between a Pro (you have to pay) or a Basicaccount which is free: 3. 3. You will be asked to complete some information to createyour account and join Podomatic: 4. 4. Before logging in, confirm and activate your account from youremail link. Then, write your email and your password: 5. 5. Explore the setting areas and check your profile page: 6. 6. Edit your profile. You can add a photo and write personaldetails: 7. 7. To upload an audio file and create a podcast just click on Create a Podcast:1. 8. 8. Then, add a file from your computer and upload it: 9. 9. After uploading the file, you can check the progress as it is shownbelow. Then, think of a title and a description for your podcast andcontinue with the process: 10. 10. Dont forget to add an image for your podcast. It will make itmore presentable: 11. 11. Finally, choose a standar quality level and publish yourpodcast! 12. 12. Go to your Podcast Page where you will find your uploads. You canshare them or let people listen to them, comment on them or downloadthem:


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