how to be a healthy gymnast. gymnastics  in gymnastics there are 4 apparatus : floor, beam, bars...

Download HOW TO BE A HEALTHY GYMNAST. Gymnastics  In gymnastics there are 4 apparatus : Floor, Beam, Bars and Vault  In gymnastics there are 10 levels then once

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GymnasticsIn gymnastics there are 4 apparatus : Floor, Beam, Bars and Vault In gymnastics there are 10 levels then once you complete level 10 you are an elite gymnast. An elite gymnasts have the chance to compete in the Olympics. Gymnastic takes a lot of strength, flexibility, balance and focus.

Gymnastics Clothing for practicesLeotards( leotards come in all different styles and colors)Hair tiesGym bag( optional)Water bottle Grips

Gymnastics Clothing for Practices

Gymnastics PracticeBefore practice ALWAYS stretch before tumbling.Make sure 1-3 hours before practice to eat high carbohydrate foods. For example you could eat: yogurt with granola, Gatorade or any type of sports drink and some fruit. But remember theres lots of other healthy high carbonated foods you can eat before practice.

High Carbonated Foods Gymnast usually eat a lot of carbs to stay healthy. Here are some carbonated food ideas gymnast may likeOatmealYams/ sweet potatoes Brown rice100% whole wheat bread and pastaBeansPumpkinFresh beets

Protein FoodsGymnast also need a lot of protein. Here are some ideas of high protein foods.EggsChicken BreastTurkey BreastSalmon/ Cod fish and Rainbow troutTofuNutsGreek yogurt

Risk Gymnast TakeAll gymnast at sometime fear of getting hurt. Gymnastics is a very hard sport. Here are some risk that gymnast take.Wrist Injure: since gymnast spend more time on their hands than feet, its very common for gymnast to have wrist pain. Ice, rest and elevation will help your wrist pain. If its still swollen you may need to see a doctor.Elbow Injure: If gymnast land with overextended elbows, it could lead to elbow pain. Ice and rest to help it.Ankle and Foot Injure: Ankle and feet injures are very common with gymnast because they land so hard on their feet which can put a lot of pressure on their ankles and feet. Ice and rest to help ankle and foot pain, also you can tape your ankle up if you have practice or you can wear a brace.Knee Injures: Also gymnast put a lot of pressure on their knees. Ice and rest to help.Low Back Pain: Gymnast also have lower back pain from jumping and tumbling. Rest will help with this.Blisters: In gymnastics there are 4 apparatuss which are Floor, Beam, Bars and Vault. When practicing and competing your hands get VERY blistery and they rip. To help with blisters and rips wear grips when doing bars if you dont already and put hand cream on your hand after practice to help them heal.

Sacrifices Gymnast MakeGymnast make a lot of sacrifices to keep up with practices and competitionsYour school schedule will be affected by practiceYou wont have much time to spend with familyYour hands will be VERY ripped from barsYour body is almost NEVER pain free