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How to Avoid Solicitors. By: Olga Kuznetsova May 5 th 2010 English 393 Technical Writing. Who, Why, and When?. Solicitors are people on the street who try to get you to do something Audience: Anyone who wants to avoid being solicited. Educated laypeople Why? Its annoying to be solicited - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


How to Avoid Solicitors

How to Avoid SolicitorsBy: Olga KuznetsovaMay 5th 2010English 393 Technical WritingWho, Why, and When?Solicitors are people on the street who try to get you to do somethingAudience: Anyone who wants to avoid being solicited. Educated laypeopleWhy? Its annoying to be solicitedWhen? Anytime you are outsideDisclaimerThis tutorial means no harm to solicitorsKnowledge learned from solicitors can be beneficial

MaterialsGood shoes (tennis shoes or flip flops, no heels)SunglassesCell phone, ipod, or any other electronic deviceBook

Step 1: Weather PreparationCheck the weather outsideIf it is raining, snowing, windy, or cold, you are safeIf it is sunny and warm, you may be in danger

Step 2: Route PreparationDecide on a route around solicitorsAvoid crowded streetsAvoid areas where you have seen solicitors previously

Step 3: IdentificationIdentify potential solicitorsPeople that are:Standing stillHolding papersLooking at people/ making eye contactWalking up to/ talking to various people

Step 4: Avoidance (part 1)Avoid being solicitedWalk as far away from the solicitor as possibleKeep other people between the solicitor and yourselfWalk fast

Step 5: Avoidance (part 2)Avoid looking like a targetWear sunglasses to avoid eye contactLook at phone, ipod, book, etc to seem busyDont look at solicitor

Step 6: EscapeGet away from a solicitor who is talking to youSay that you dont speak EnglishSay No or Not interestedYell Stranger Danger and run

TroubleshootingProblem:When you say that you dont speak English, solicitor asks what language you speakSolution:Say No understand and walk awayQuestions?