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<ul><li><p>House Decoration Tips for Summers </p><p>House gives the reflection of the members of the house. No one wants to give the bad reflection </p><p>of him/herself. Seasons put a great effect on the nature of the man. As we wear different clothes </p><p>in different seasons same like this house demands for different decoration. In winter we feel </p><p>much cool and we want to see our house to give the effect of hot, in winter we feel hot and want </p><p>to see our home to give the cool effect. So summers are here and if you want to see your house </p><p>cool then here are for tips for you. You can follow these tips and make your house a paradise. </p><p> The first important thing is colors. Colors have so much power to change your mood. If the </p><p>color of the paint or things will not be good then it gives very much bad effect. May be the </p><p>things are costly but if the color is bad then these costly things will lost theirs value. So in </p><p>summer keep in mind the color scheme. There are many colors which give the hot effect and </p><p>there are many colors which gives the cool effect. So definitely in summers you should </p><p>choose those colors which give the effect. Try not to use the dark colors because dark colors </p><p>give the hot effect. Use the light colors and natural colors like sky blue, white, gray, light </p><p>green and baby pink. </p><p> The next important thing is the furniture of the house. The furniture which gives the dark and </p><p>muted tones is not for the summers. In summers airy and light colors are needed. Try to use </p></li><li><p>the light and natural color while selecting the furniture. Try to use the removable covers and </p><p>change these according to the seasons. </p><p> Summer season has so much natural beauty in itself so try to manage the sitting areas </p><p>outdoors. Summer is spontaneous and flexible. You should manage the entering area </p><p>according to season because it gives the first good effect to the visitors. </p><p> Views of the living room have so much important. Try to set the furniture like this, that you </p><p>can see the natural views. If this is impossible then hang some wallpaper which gives the </p><p>natural effect like the wallpaper of the sea of the lush green plants. </p><p> Summer vacations are there and kids are at home. So try to manage the home for your kids. </p><p>The atmosphere should be friendly enough. </p></li><li><p> Summer is the season of greenery so manage your garden. Things about the different tricks </p><p>which can make you garden beautiful and cool. Different flowers, plants, fresh fruit plants </p><p>can make your house beautiful and cool. You can welcome the cool breeze by maintaining </p><p>your garden. If you dont have the spaces for the gardening then use the pots for it. You can </p><p>also use the hanging pots for little plants. </p></li><li><p> Dont use the drapery material in summers. These are for the winters. Instead of drapery </p><p>material use the light curtains. In this way the cool breeze can come in night in your home. </p><p>Use the light colors curtains in summers. </p><p>So here are some tips for decorating your home in summers. If you want to make a contact with </p><p>the interior designers then Jacob Sardini is there for your service. You can buy the material for </p><p>your home from Jacob Sardini and can get the free service of top professional designers. </p><p>Jacob Sardini: </p></li></ul>