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  • Home Improvement Projects

    Marcellus Little

  • What to Expect

    Pictures from a handful of my various home improvement projects in my Dallas and Houston homes, as well as a bonus project at the end. The purpose of this slideshow is to illustrate the following:

    Problem solving skills


    Planning skills

    Aptitude to comprehend and execute complex concepts

    And more


  • First On Deck

    Houston Townhouse

  • Let There Be Light Paint, hardware, and Farberware Houston Townhouse

  • Honey-Do

    Because the wife asked

  • Spicing Up Things

    Starter Home Dallas

  • Fresh New Look Out with the 80s completely removed and refinished the shower stall, replaced the shower head, arm, diverter, and drain. Regrouted tiles and repaired drain pipe connection which was leaking. - Dallas

  • Cool Tunes

    Built for river tubing. Self contained rechargeable power source and subwoofer with both Bluetooth and wired connection.

  • Thank You