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The story of Maria Reiter.


  • Found At last: The Woman He Hid From The World'I WAS HITLER'S


  • He broke up her marriage and causedher to attempt suicide-and she wasthe only woman he ever really loved.


    A DOLF HITLER'S sister, Frau Paula Wolf, notlong before her recent death clasped thehands of the still-beautiful woman who stood be-fore her.

    "Maria, my dear," she said, "not marrying youwas the greatest mistake Adolf ever made. I knowthat you were the only woman he ever truly loved.It was you he wanted.

    "I believe that if he had married you historymight have been different.

    "Eva Braun meant nothing to him. She justflung herself at him.

    "He married her in his last days in his Berlinbunker because he did not want to go down inhistory as dying with just an occasional girlfriend."

    For the first time since the war, Frau Wolf wasmeeting Maria Reiter again.

    Maria is the still golden-haired, blue-eyedwoman who was the greatest secret in the life ofthe Fuehrer of Nazi Germany.

    And Frau Wolf's words at her home in Berchtes-gaden, where Hitler built his mountain eyrie,provided the final proof of the truth of MariaReiter's story.

    Beautiful Maria, who captivated Hitler fromthe time she was sixteen until he died in the ruinsof Berlin in 1945, kept her secret all these yearswhile she earned a meager living as a domestichelper, scrubbing floors and cleaning kitchens.

    She also kept the only passionate love letters in his own handwriting that Hitler is known tohave written.

    I have checked Maria Reiter's story, examinedthe revealing documentary evidence and talked to

    scores of witnesses. It is clear, beyond all doubt,that Maria, was the only woman Hitler ever lovedpassionatelyand completely. To her he baredhis heart and his greatest secrets.

    Maria Reiter began her astonishing testimonyas she sat in her bed-sitting room in Frankfurt,where she now lives, with these frank words tome:

    "Adolf Hitler and I were true lovers in everysense of the word.

    "A lot has been said about Hitler being incap-able of making love to any woman. I can tell youthat this is wrong.

    "I was just sixteen when Hitler first crushedme in his arms and became the first man tokiss me.

    "He told me: 'By my side you will see Germanybecome great again. Our soldiers will take theglory of Germany to all the nations of Europeand, in the end, to the world/

    "Then, trembling with passion he whispered:'Darling, we must never part.'

    "We never did part, in heart and spirit."Then she started at the beginning."Hitler called me Mimi, but I was born Maria

    Reiter at Berchtesgaden on December 23, 1909."I had two elder brothers, Karl and Richard,

    and an elder sister, Anny."We were a Roman Catholic family and life was

    strict. My mother was a kind and gentle woman.My father was the deputy mayor.

    "I went to the Catholic convent of Santa Mariabut I left there at 15 and went to help Annywho was by then marriedin my family's shoeand clothes shop, (Continued on next page)

  • Mimi finally married SS officer Georg Kubisch, right,when if became clear that Hitler would never wed her.

    HITLER'S SECRET LOVE continued"Fourteen days before my first fateful meeting with

    Hitler my mother had died."It was on September 28, 1926, that I first saw him.

    I was just 16 and supposed to be very pretty. Hitlerwas thirty-seven.

    "The name didn't mean a thing to me when mybrother, Richard, pulled my arm as I stood behindthe shop counter. 'Look,' he said. 'That is Adolf Hitlerwalking by.'

    "He was wearing light brown breeches, a grey wind-jacket, brown high boots, a light grey velour hat andcarried a brown riding crop. Beside him trotted hisAlsatian dog, Prinz."

    Pudgy-faced Adolf Hitler was already a name inGermany. Already he was often to be seen standing,his right hand outstretched, as columns of his brown-shirted followers marched past him.

    Already people talked of his hypnotic eyes, hisrasping, impassioned voice.

    Already the brown-shirted roughnecks were man-handling hecklers, beating up aged Jews. The orches-tra of tyranny was tuning up.

    Maria did not know that Hitler had for two daysbeen standing behind the lace curtains of the HotelDeutches Haus, above her shop, watching as shestrolled in the park opposite at lunchtime.

    Maria told me:"Two days after my first glimpse of Hitler, Anny

    and I went over to the park at lunchtime as usual.Hitler crossed the road towards us. He bowed slightlyand doffed his hat.

    "He spoke: 'Hitler, Adolf Hitler, is my name. Doyou mind if I sit on this bench?'

    "I looked at my sister. Anny said, 'No, Herr Hitler,you are most welcome.'

    "Hitler sat down and I went on playing with Marko,our Alsatian, but I noticed that all the time Hitlerwas talking to Anny he was looking and smiling at me.

    "I heard Hitler say to Anny: 'Who is this blondebundle of happiness?' Anny said, 'She is my sister,Mimi.'

    "Hitler asked, 'Will you introduce me?'"I was thinking how awful that moustache isif he

    kissed a woman it must tickle."Then my sister called, 'Mimi, MimiI would like

    to introduce you to Herr Hitler.'"Hitler looked at me with piercing eyes. I felt ill

    at ease. He motioned me to sit down. I sat on Hitler'sleft.

    "For a few minutes Hitler talked about his dog.Then, suddenly, he asked my sister, 'Frau Hehl, willyou one day allow me to go for a walk with yoursister?'

    "I stared at Anny as if to say: 'For goodness' sake,no!' After all, I had never been out with a man.

    "I jumped up and went to the shop."The next day a close friend of Hitler came to the

    shop. 'Herr Hitler is making a speech tonight at theHotel Deutches Haus above this shop,' he said. 'Hewould be honored if you would come.'

    "We felt we could only say, 'Yes.'"That evening forty members of the National

    Socialist German Workers' Partythe Nazi Partywere sitting at their tables. Anny and I were shownto the top table.

    "I was rather flattered that this famous man hadthought I was intelligent enough to be invited to apolitical meeting.

    "Hitler came to our table and bowed. 'I cannot tellyou how happy I am that you are here,' he said to me.

  • Then he bowed again and went to the platform."I can see him now. I can see his lock of hair as it

    fell over his brow, his fist hammering on the desk."All the time Hitler looked at me, I cannot tell you

    how uncomfortable I felt."After the speeches most of the guests drank wine.

    Hitler drank mineral water."At first the conversation was general, but gradually

    the group split upand left Hitler and me alone."He called over to my sister. 'Frau Hehl,' he said.

    'I am as happy as a little boy. You did me a greatfavour by bringing your sister along tonight.'

    "Suddenly Hitler looked at me. I remember flushingas his piercing blue eyes lifted slowly over my bodyfrom my hands to my face. No one else seemed toexist for Hitler, He moved his chair towards me andleaned forward to ask, ' Where are your parents ?'

    "I said, 'I have only a father. My mother died justover a fortnight ago.'

    "Hitler said, 'I know how much that must hurt.'His voice was sad.

    "He looked at me again and said, 'My mother hadthe same eyes as you. She died when I was younglike you.'

    "At this moment our hands brushed. I shall neverforget it, though it was only a touch.

    "Then Hitler clasped my hands in his." 'You must allow me to accompany you to your

    mother's grave,' he said."It seemed such a kind thing to say, and I answered,

    'Yes, of course.'."We. talked for half an hour, and I noticed that

    Fraulein Metkess, a daughter of the hotel proprietor,was looking at me. She looked as if she resented theattention Hitler was paying to me.

    "Suddenly she turned and said, 'Herr Hitler, whydon't you marry?'

    "Hitler glanced at her briefly and turned to me." 'Marry?' he said. 'I cannot marry. All I can do is

    to be with a woman I really love. A woman I lovewith all my heart.'

    "As he spoke his knee pressed against my thigh, andhis right foot pressed on mine."

    Three days later Mimi caught her first glimpse ofHitler the Fiend. Hitler's Alsatian dog, Prinz, sprangupon her Alsatian, Marko.

    Within seconds the pavement was a whirlwind ofsnarling, bare-fanged battle.

    Mimi told me: "I covered my face with my handsas the dogs' teeth slashed into each other's bodies.

    "Then I saw Hitler grip his riding crop and leap atthe fighting dogs.

    "His face was twisted with fury as, again and again,he lashed out at them until Prinz reeled away fromthe blows.

    "But, in a frenzy, Hitler still lashed at his bleeding,dazed dog. It was senseless, but he couldn't seem tostop.

    "I was horrified. I grabbed his arm and shouted,'Stop it! Stop! You'll kill him.' "

    "To my amazement he did stopas soon as I touchedhis arm.

    "He turned to me and whispered, 'I couldn't help it.You should have stopped me before. I'm sorry.' "

    This was the first of many times that little MimiReiter was to exercise a calming influence on Hitler.

    "Hitler and I walked home in silence to Anny's flat,where I was living," Maria went on.

    "When we were inside he saw the piano and askedme to play. Gently he placed his hands on myshoulders.

    "He whispered, 'Will you let me kiss you?' I wenton playing as I said, 'No, Herr Hitler, I can't.'

    "Anny came into the room with some sandwiches.I went into the kitchen to fetch the coffee. Hitlerfollowed me, put his arms around me gently andpulled me to him.

    '"Why don't you want to kiss me?' he asked. 'Don'tI mean anything to you? Don't you want to do thesame as I want to do?'

    "Remember I had never been out with a man before,let alone been kissed b