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Reading at home

Reading at homeInspiring your child to become a reader

Fuatino Leaupepe-TualaFacilitator, Services to Schools

E tumau le faavae, ae fesuiai le faigaThe foundation remains the same, but the ways of doing it change.

Reading for pleasure - why its so importantIncreased engagement with learningPositive impact onreading achievementImproves other aspects of literacyIs a source of pleasure and stimulates the imagination


Parents as first teachersReading rolemodels Your child walks like you, talks like you, and absorbs everything you do. So set the right example when it comes to reading. If you want your child to be a good reader, be one yourself! Be a reading role model for your child (Scholastic)

Parents as first teachers

Sharing our stories

First language reading

Soo le fau i le fau

Connecting the pieces together

Think about this...How well do you know your school library? School librarian?How well do you know your public library? Public librarian?

Reading should be fun ...I know that when my Dad took me down the park he didn't say, 'Right, son, I'm going to teach you some basic ball skills, work on general fitness and spatial awareness and if you're really good, then in a few years' time, we'll have a game of footy.' No, he played with me till I liked it enough to want to build those skills. Who knows? The point is that it's as important to communicate the pleasure as it is to pass on the skills. Frank Cottrell Boyce

Read WITH and TO your childFind out what they likeLet them know what you likeMake it a part of everyday life

When??Meal time - Adult reads or children take turns of reading their home reader/book each day (this may be the catalyst for some families to eat together)Bath time - pull up a chair and read them a storyBed time - Each child takes a turn of "hosting the family read" each night by everyone jumping into one bed before bed time

Scholastic Kids and Family Reading Report, Sept 2016

When??Travel time - Children having turns of reading to everyone in the car while on the way to school/home etc, or while seated before driving offVisitors - Make it a tradition for every visitor to the home to listen to your child read or read them a story

Scholastic Kids and Family Reading Report, Sept 2016