height he is tall he is very tall. he is short. he is quite short. he is medium height

Download Height He is tall He is very tall. He is short. He is quite short. He is medium height

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  • Height He is tall He is very tall. He is short. He is quite short. He is medium height.
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  • Build She is skinny. (negative) She is thin. (negative) She is slim. (positive She is slender. (positive She is fat. (negative She is overweight.. (negative) She is plump. (neutral She is stocky. (neutral
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  • Hair blonde/fair hair brown hair red hair black hair grey hair
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  • Type of hair He has no hair. = He is bald. She has long, straight, black hair She has short, straight, black hair
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  • She has medium length, straight, blonde hair She has medium length, wavy, red hair. She has short, curly, blonde hair. She wears glasses.
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  • Type of complexion He is Asian. He has light-brown skin. She is black. She has dark skin. He is white. He has fair skin
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  • She is white. She has lightly tanned skin. She is white. She has very pale skin.
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  • Other features moustache beard chin forehead nostrils
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  • eyebrows cheeks fringe lips teeth
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  • Height tall, tallish, short, shortish, medium height Build frail, stocky, slim, thin, plump, fat, skinny, well-built Age young, elderly, middle-aged, teenager, in 20s, 30s, 40s Face round, oval, square, with scares, wrinkles, freckles, sun-tanned, pale
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  • Eyes big round blue eyes, large, small, bright, narrow Hair bald, straight, curly, spiky, wavy Clothes casual, scruffy, shabby, smart, tidy, messy


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