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Hawaii Presented By: Dmetrei McCannPROJECT 6- VACATION5-12-10Table Of ContentsHawaiiClimate Of HawaiiHow to get to HawaiiHotels in HawaiiBeach in HawaiiFood & dining At HawaiiWhat to pack for HawaiiFeature Photos From HawaiiVacation spotclosingClimate of HawaiiThe average temperature for Hawaii is 72 degrees to 86 degrees during the summer.The typical summer temperatures between May and October are warmer.February and March are the coolest.Climate also changes 2C for every 1000 feet making temperatures on Hawaii's highest peak fall consistently below zero in winter resulting in snow.How to get to Hawaii I would take a plane because I would not know how to get there driving and it is a log ride.Shortest flight duration is shortest 11hours and 50min.Distance from Pittsburgh to Honolulu 4050 nautical miles.Air fair from Pittsburgh to Honolulu is $592 round trip.

Hotels in HawaiiMy hotel is called the HiltonIt is $143 for 3 people per night It has wireless internet a lot of room 2 king size bed and an ocean view with an deck.The other hotel is the Royal Kona ResortIt is $115 per night for 2 peopleIt has a tennis court it has a spa and an pool

Beach in Hawaii I will be sun tanning on the beach.I will be in the water a lot just chilling.I will be eating a lot on the beach.I will be talking to some girls.

Food & dining at HawaiiRestaurant NameAddressType of FoodPhoto ImageGenki Sushi USA Inc74-5450 Makala Blvd # 202Genik SushiBongo Ben's Island Cafe 75-5819 Alii DrDrinks and FoodBig Island Grill75-5702 Kuakini HwyGrilled FoodsBlack Rock Cafe15-2872 Governmend Main RdFood and Beer

What to Pack for Hawaii4 outfitsSome socksSome boxersTooth pasteMouth washSome shoesPlay clothes

Vacation Spot

Closing This is the end of my presentation.Hawaii was my dream vacation and I cant wait to go there.

The end