havering voluntary sector forum lunch 18th feb - emergency planning and the voluntary sector

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1. Emergency Planning & the Voluntary Sector Alan Clark MSc.,FICPEM.,MBCI London Borough of Havering 2. What is Emergency Planning?Contingency planning for the possible, and the possibly probable 3. What is an Emergency? An event or situation which threatens serious damage to human welfare in a place in the UK, the environment of a place in the UK, or war or terrorism which threatens serious damage to the security of the UK. 4. By Accidental Means 5. By Deliberate Means 6. By Natural Means 7. Civil Contingencies Act 2004 A new statutory responsibility on, amongst others, local authorities. Six core duties A seventh on local authorities only. 8. Duties are: Co-operation (with other responders) Information sharing (with other responders) Communicating with the public Emergency Planning Risk Assessment Internal Business Continuity Management For local authorities only BCM advice to external business 9. Co-operation How do we co-operate and share information? Havering Borough Resilience Forum (HBRF Fire, Police, Ambulance, PCT, Hospital, Voluntary Sector will also involve business partners Sub-Regional Resilience Forum (SRRF) a larger multi-agency group 10. Communication Inside Havering We report to the Risk Management Group We coordinate the response to an emergency We coordinate the business continuity response if the emergency affects our ability to provide services We support the Chief Executive on tours as London LA GOLD 11. Advice & Guidance Available inLibraries & Receptions 12. Emergencies & Voluntary Sector Red Cross Contractual St John Ambulance Events and response RVS Changed their Ways Flood Wardens Eyes and Ears 13. How can you Help? Rest Centres; Identification of groups; Management of volunteers; Identification of vulnerable persons; 14. How can you Help? a) What do you see as the important elements of partnership working between a Local Authority & the Voluntary Sector; b) Do you see it being managed by the VS or by the LA especially in relation to Community Resilience; c) Any other elements I should include that the VS may want to hear apart from funding We have no money either but may be able to apply for Grants that the VS cant and vice versa 15. Emergency Procedures within Havering GDIT 01708 433999 Out of Hours LALO Local Authority Liaison Officers BECC Response & Recovery structure 16. Emergency Procedures within Havering Risk within Havering -High Medium - Low Type of incidents Harold Hill Gas Cranham Caravans Mardyke Sacred Heart Chapel What can you do? 17. Plans for Havering Major Emergency Plan; Multi Agency Flood Plan; Humanitarian Assistance Plan Rest & Community Rest Centre Survival Reception Centre Friends & Relatives Centre Other Plans. 18. Contact & Questions Alan Clark Emergency Planning & Business Continuity Manager 01708 433206Trevor Meers Emergency Planning Officer 01708 - 434605


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