hassle-free help for small business customers march 15, 2011

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Hassle-free Help for Small Business Customers March 15, 2011. CleanEnergyAmbassadors.ning. com. See us at www.cleanenergyambassadors.ning.com Webinar presentations archived for download! Low Cost/No Cost Energy Savers Infrared Cameras – The Utility How and Why - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Hassle-free Help forSmall BusinessCustomers

March 15, 2011


See us at www.cleanenergyambassadors.ning.comWebinar presentations archived for download!

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IR Thermography Hands-on Workshop:Utility and Customer Service ApplicationsNow, lets get down to BUSINESS

The difference between a pamphlet and an energy services programGoals: efficiency vs. bill savingsThinking about your target audienceA few technical tipsShedding light on the light bulb issue

Then Ill hand it over to Christine Geltz

The small business target audience

Each sector has different characteristics and concerns Building ownership matters Gear to your goals:- Bill savings, efficiency, greening- Education (tips, handouts, buzz)- Audits and recommendations- Incentives for measures

Office equipment = 7% of all commercial electricity use totaling $1.8 billion a year

Switch to laptops they use 80% less energy on averageSet sleep modes to reduce use by 70%Shut down at nightUse switch-on power strips group what you plug in and place the strip where people can reach itThe fridge should be small and newUse plug-in timers on water coolers andcoffee pots7) Talk about energy-use habits

Consider a DSM approach

Example: The utility wants to displace power supply and capacity charges but providing a full energy audit and rebates is a high price to pay or is it?

Lets talk about lighting

Congress has arranged hearings to re-examine a 2007 law that will effectively eliminate the standard 100-watt incandescent bulb in 2012. Some critics say the law eliminates freedom of choice and limits consumers to the CFLs that some folks dont like or the LEDs that cost too much.

Others, including major lighting companies, point out that new incandesents that save at least 1/3 of energy compared to old bulbs will meet the new standards for a reasonable cost.

Utilities have a variety of opinions on this (andwonder what will happen to their CFL give-awayprograms)

See more info soon on the CEA sitewww.cleanenergyambassadors.ning.com

DIY Lighting Full Audit from Utility

Utility Savings ($/kW)$600$600

Reduction (kW)1.53.0

Total Benefit$900$1,800

Rebate Cost($300)($600)

Audit Cost($0)($1,000)

Total Utility Benefit$600$200

Compare to customer simple savings from each approach$1986/yr$7100/yr