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Models catalouge created by the world's best Harmonica manufacturer ... Hohner.


To o t s T h i e l e m a n sMy Hohner has been my Instrument, my Friend, my Confidant for all my life! I am Sure there is one for You!

Foto: Jos L. Knaepen

H armonica The Peoples Instrument. The uniquesound of the harmonica has struck a chord in the hearts of people around the world for over 150 years. Today it is at home in an astounding variety of musical styles. It has lent its inimitable sound to countless rock and pop hits, is a long-time favorite in blues and folk and has also found a firm place in jazz and in classical music. Ever since the company was founded in 1857, Hohner the worlds largest manufacturer of high-quality harmonicas has played a decisive role in the process. This is reflected in our present-day commitment to an ongoing program of research and development in order to continually improve quality and sound of our instruments and to present a product range which is geared to the requirements of the market. To this end we have for many years pursued a successful policy of long-term cooperation with top professional players. The combination of state-ofthe-art production technology with traditional craftsmanship and know-how based on decades of experience, ensures that we will be able to maintain our high standards of quality in the future. Special brass alloys for the production of the finest quality reeds and the use of high-precision punches and milling tools guarantee long-lasting instruments, with the unique

Hohner sound and easy response of the individual notes in every register. Its easy to see why literally millions of players all over the world young and old, from complete beginners to virtuoso performers choose Hohner harmonicas. This catalogue is intended not only to inform you about the individual models and their technical specifications, but also to serve as a guide in order to help you find the model or models best suited to your purposes.


Diatonic Harmonicas ( R i c h t e r Tu n i n g )

H ohner diatonic harmonicas are of the highestquality and combine excellent response with great sound. These Richter harmonicas are single note instruments and can be recognized by their undivided channel openings, which allow the airflow to pass over both blow and draw reeds simultaneously. This permits the techniques known as bending, enabling the player to lower the pitch of certain notes and create the typical bluesy wailing sound, and overblowing, which produces the missing chromatic notes. Richter harmonicas are often referred to as Blues Harps and are mainly used as melody instruments in blues, folk, country and rock music.M a r i n e B a n d 18 9 6

04 | 05

Richter Classic Harmonicas

H ohner is committed to continually improvingand upgrading quality in the tried and proven product lines. In order to offer traditional harp stylists that true vintage sound, we have invested heavily in retooling our production facilities for diatonic Richter instruments to minimize air loss, improve response and increase volume.Special 20

The result is our exclusive Handmade range, ideal for the discerning blues, country or jazz player. These top-of-the-line diatonic models are manufactured entirely by hand.

Golden Melody


Order No.


Ke y s

Reed plates


Length in cm

Marine Band 1896



Major; nat. Minor; harm. Minor; D, Eb, E, F, F#-low; G-high Major; Country Major C-Major

Brass; 0,9 mm

Wood (Pearwood)

ca. 10

Special 20 Golden Melody Golden Melody gold

M560.. M542.. M543016

20 20 20

Brass; 0,9 mm Brass; 0,9 mm Brass; 0,9 mm

Plastic (black) Plastic (red) Plastic (red)

ca. 10 ca. 10,5 ca. 10,5


Back to the Roots State of the Art!

T he name Marine Band is synonymous witha long and successful tradition of high quality harmonica manufacture. Ever since 1896, discerning professional harmonica players in search of an unmistakeable and unique sound have played the HOHNER Marine Band as their instrument of choice. The new Marine Band Deluxe combines this legendary character with

a variety of state of the art improvements which optimize handling and ensure greater volume and faster response, while retaining the essential richness and power of the Hohner Classic Sound. The Marine Band Deluxe is ideal for traditional harmonica styles, while also equally well suited for more modern playing techniques.

Marine Band Deluxe

06 | 07

Marine Band 364 / Soloist

Marine Band 365

Chromatic Koch

Marine Band 365 SBS

Slide HarpModel Order No. Notes Ke y s Reed plates Comb Length in cm

Marine Band Deluxe



Major; F-, F#-low

Brass; 0,9 mm

Wood (Pearwood sealed) Wood (Pearwood) Wood (Pearwood) Wood (Pearwood) Wood (Pearwood) Wood (Pearwood) Wood (Pearwood)

ca. 10

Marine Band 364 Marine Band Soloist Marine Band 365 Marine Band 365 SBS Chromatic Koch Slide Harp

M364.. M36460 M365.. M365.. M980.. M731201

24 24 28 28 40 40

C, G-Major C-Major C, G-Major C low, D low, F low, G, A-Major C, G-Major C-Major

Brass; 0,9 mm Brass; 0,9 mm Brass; 0,9 mm Brass; 0,9 mm Brass; 1,05 mm Brass nickel plated; 1,05 mm

ca. 13,7 ca. 13,7 ca. 15,9 ca. 15,9 ca. 12,3 ca. 12,3



T he abbreviation MS stands for ModularSystem, a complete concept in harmonica design from Hohner. MS harmonicas incorporate technical innovations which not only make them play better, but also improve handling and ease of maintenance. All MS components (comb,

reedplates and covers) are compatible with one another, so that parts from different models can be combined to suit the individual requirements of the player. All components are secured with screws, allowing rapid and easy assembly and disassembly.

Blues Harp MS

08 | 09

Big River Harp

Pro Harp MS

Cross Harp MS

Meisterklasse MS


Order No.


Ke y s

Reed plates


Length in cm

Blues Harp MS Big River Harp Pro Harp MS Cross Harp MS Meisterklasse MS

M533.. M590.. M564.. M566.. M581..

20 20 20 20 20

Major C, D, E, F, G, A, Bb, B-Major Major Major Major

Brass; 0,9 mm Brass; 0,9 mm Brass; 0,9 mm Brass; 1,05 mm Brass nickel plated; 1,05 mm

Wood (Doussie) Plastic (black) Plastic (black) Plastic (gold plated) Aluminium

ca. 10,5 ca. 10,5 ca. 10,5 ca. 10,5 ca. 10,5



Silver Star

Marine Band Oktave

A u t o Va l v e H a r p

Tr a v e l l e r

10 | 11

XB-40 Bending Harp

T he revolutionary design of the Bending Harpallows bending of all 20 regular notes. In addition to the increase in bending capability, the unique combination of valve chambers and auxiliary reeds create a rich tone and volume far greater than that of a traditional Richter harmonica.

XB-40Model Order No. Notes Ke y s Reed plates Comb Length in cm

Piccolo Silver Star Marine Band Oktav Auto Valve Harp Traveller (Display germ.; 12 pieces) Traveller (Display engl.; 12 pieces) Traveller (Display french; 12 pieces) XB-40

M214016 M504.. M1896.. M105.. M91700 M91701 M91702 M1101..

20 20 40 40 20 20 20 40

C-Major C, D, E, F, G, A, Bb-Major C, G-Major C, D, E, F, G, A, Bb-Major C-Major C-Major C-Major G, Ab, A, Bb, B, C, Db-Major D, Eb, E, F, F#-Low

Brass; 0,9 mm Brass; 0,9 mm Brass; 0,9 mm Brass; 0,9 mm Brass; 0,9 mm Brass; 0,9 mm Brass; 0,9 mm Brass; 0,9 mm

Wood (Pearwood) Plastic (black) Wood (Pearwood) Wood (Pearwood) Plastic (black) Plastic (black) Plastic (black) Plastic (black)

ca. 7,8 ca. 10,5 ca. 11,7 ca. 11,7 ca. 10,5 ca. 10,5 ca. 10,5 ca. 12,3


Chromatic Harmonicas

C hromatic harmonicas enable the player topeform music in all keys on one instrument. Actually they consist of two diatonic harmonicas in one, tuned a semitone apart for example in C and C#. The slide button is pushed in to switch the airflow from one to the other, thus raising the pitch of each note by a semitone. By combining these two scales, all 12 notes of the chromatic scale are available (some of them twice), which opens up a wealth of new musical options to the player. They are most commonly heard in classical music and jazz, but are also often used in blues, folk music, rock and pop.Chromonica 48 Chromonica 40

Chromonica 64

12 | 13


T he four instruments in the Chrometta Seriesare an excellent option for starting out with chromatic harmonica playing. They have the best price/benefit relationship around and sport a robust design.

Chrometta 8

C h r o m e t t a 14


Order No.


Ke y s

Reed plates


Length in cm

Chromonica 40 Chromonica 48 Chromonica 48 gold Chromonica 64 Chrometta 8 Chrometta 10 Chrometta 12 Chrometta 14

M260.. M270.. M27099 M28001 M25001 M25301 M255.. M25701

40 48 48 64 32 40 48 56

C, G-Major C, D, E, F, G, A, Bb, B-Major, C-Tenor C-Major C-Major C-Major C-Major C, G-Major C-Major

Brass; 1,05 mm Brass; 1,05 mm Brass; 1,05 mm Brass; 1,05 mm Brass; 1,05 mm Brass; 1,05 mm Brass; 1,05 mm Brass; 1,05 mm

Wood (Pearwood) Wood (Pearwood) Wood (Pearwood) Plastic (black) Plastic (black) Plastic (black) Plastic (black) Plastic (black)

ca. 12,3 ca. 15,5 ca. 15,5 ca. 18,4 ca. 11,5 ca. 14 ca. 16,5 ca. 19


C h r o m o n i c a 270 /4 8 Deluxe

T he Deluxe version of the traditionalChromonica 270/48, is a new milestone in the