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  • September/October 2017

    Village Board

    John Jeffords (President)

    (262) 628-0385

    Dan Neu

    (262) 628-0177

    Rock Brandner

    (262) 628-1665

    Bill Collins

    (262) 628-4278

    Tom Wolff

    (414) 520-3566

    Village Staff

    Village Administrator

    (262) 628-2260 Ext. 115

    Public Works Supervisor

    (262) 628-2260 Ext. 118

    Deputy Clerk

    (262) 628-2260 Ext. 111

    Deputy Treasurer

    (262) 628-2260 Ext. 114

    Building Inspector

    (262) 628-2260 Ext. 117

    Village of Richfield

    4128 Hubertus Road

    Hubertus, WI 53033

    Updates From Around the Village

    Capital Improvement Plan (CIP): On August 17th the Village Board adopted the 2018- 2022 CIP. The CIP is a list of the major expenditures the Village expects to save for or

    spend money on over the next five (5) years. Roads are the single largest expenditures in

    our annual CIP and budget . Next year, the Village intends to pave Mayfield Road from Pioneer Road south to Pleasant Hill Road and Monches Road from STH 164 to Plat Road.

    The cost of each one (1) mile stretch of road is approximately $355,000. As a part of this

    Plan, we also intend to save $212,000 towards the purchase of new vehicles in our fleet.

    Rather than borrow money to pay for plow trucks, patrol trucks, etc. we save an equal share of the vehicle’s cost for each year of its expected lifespan. This fiscally responsible

    approach assures that when vehicles come due or unexpected major mechanical failures

    occur, that we have the capital to pay for them.

    DPW Building: The Village recently signed an agreement for masonry repairs, the

    installation of control joints to help with building movement, and the exterior painting of the Village’s DPW Building. The building, constructed 19 years ago at a cost of

    approximately $600,000, has had limited masonry work preformed on it over the years

    and still has its original coat of blue paint on it. Repairs such as this are necessary to

    extend the life of this vital Village facility.

    Address Markers: On October 19th, the Board will continue their discussion on Village- wide address markers. During the month of August Trustees took up a request from the

    Richfield Volunteer Fire Company’s (RVFC) Board of Directors to consider the erection of

    these markers on properties throughout our community. The reasons cited by the RVFC

    are related to resident safety. Safety over insufficient mailbox markings, multiple mailbox groupings in residential subdivisions, non-sequential house numbering in some

    parts of the Village, shared driveway access points, and most importantly, increased

    efficiency and a reduction on emergency response times. In 2016, the RVFC responded to

    466 EMS calls and 121 fire calls.

    PASER Results: The Village’s engineer completed its biennial review of the condition of our 146 miles of road. Each segment of roadway is rated on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being

    classified as a newly constructed road. The results of the study showed approximately 40

    miles rated a 5 or worse needing repair and 46 miles rated at a 6, which is considered “Fair”. The Village Board referred these results to the CIP Subcommittee for review and


    Passing of former Town Chairman John Kohl: On August 16th, our community lost one

    of its proverbial icons. Next month the Village Board will be considering a resolution

    honoring his life and service to the community.

    Richfield Days: Thank you to the men and women who helped organize and volunteer

    their time and talents to make Richfield Days a huge success this year!

    Jim Healy, Village Administrator



  • 2 l September/October 2017 • Richfield Happenings

  • Election Inspectors / Poll Workers


    Have you ever wanted to be

    an Election Inspector / Poll

    Worker? Election Inspectors

    play a vital role in assisting

    voters and are essential in

    supporting the electoral process.

    Election day duties may include: Greeting voters, assisting with

    the registration process, issuing ballots to registered voters,

    monitoring the voting equipment, assisting with how to mark the

    ballot or with using the voting equipment, and anything else

    related to the election day voting activities of residents.

    Training and compensation is provided. Must reside in

    Washington County.

    If you are interested in working the polls, we would love to hear

    from you! Please contact me at 262-628-2260 ext.111 or feel free

    to email me with any questions at DeputyClerk@richfieldwi.gov.

    Donna Cox, Deputy Clerk

    Enjoy our Parks? We want YOU! The Department of Public Works is seeking a part-time

    laborer to perform work for both highway and park

    maintenance, year-round, 32 hours per week. Work in the

    park system includes the grooming and prepping of

    baseball fields, general maintenance of our trail system,

    cutting of open space areas, and work at our local school

    Districts maintaining their greenspace. Work in the Public

    Works Department includes plowing during the wintertime

    and other duties as assigned. Compensation is up to

    $15.00, DOQ. The position will be posted on our website

    until filled.


    We are located across the street from Piggly Wiggly on Highway 175, just South of

    Hubertus Road, in the Chalet Shopping Center

    262-628-8535 Dr. Amber R Erickson DC BS

    ericksonchiro@yahoo.com www.ericksonchiros.com

    Brisco County Wood Grill & Saloon

    • Featuring the Finest Black Angus Beef • Wood Fired Grill

    Open 11-10, 7 Days a Week

    Hwy 45 & Q East of 45 on the Exit • 251-8444


    Brian Jakusz D.D.S. Hwy. 164 & Hwy. Q www.lake"vedentistry.com 262.628.0555 drbrianjakusz@lake"vedentistry.com

    Installation of Septic & Mound Systems,

    Holding Tanks

    High Quality Work Performed by

    Experienced Professionals

    Over 50 Years in Business — Always here to help

    Please call for more information

    Colgate, WI

    262-628-2034 — Cell 262-227-4690

    Hello my name is

    262.689.7988 clewandowski@shorewest.com

    Buying or Selling a home?


    HILLTOP ASPHALT CO., INC. 4600 Monches Road

    Colgate, WI 53017

    JOHN KAUL Phone (262) 628-2205

    Fax (262) 628-2797 Residential & Commercial

    Paving • Grading


    (262) 251-4151


    BUILDERS 414


    ROOFING Free Estimates

    Licensed & Insured

    • Siding • Gutters • Exterior Work • Decks



    or Work • Decks

    For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 • www.4lpi.com Village of Rich"eld, Rich"eld, WI. A 4C 01-1280

    W177N9856 Rivercrest Dr., Ste. 102, Germantown





    Shorewest Menomonee Falls





    O’MEARA LAW FIRM LLC Attorney Andrew D. Klopfenstein


    AR rney

    O’MEARO’MEAR Attorney

    HARTFORD: 2626737700 WEST BEND: 2623342331

    Contact Dennis Thompson to place an ad today!

    dthompson@4LPi.com or (800) 950-9952 x2470

  • Public Works Thinks Fall

    Winter will be here in no time and the Department of Public Works is already getting prepared! Currently, our Shop Foreman is

    checking plow trucks, installing wings and salters that have been removed for summer hauling and ensuring all equipment

    operates correctly. This work coincides with the day-to-day issues that pop-up. Regular maintenance such as oil changes and

    other general repairs to the fleet as well as the unexpected breakdowns that occur, keep the shop busy every day!

    Our Highway Crew has been busy with multiple projects such as ditch cleaning in areas that, over the years, have filled-in which

    has reduced flow of storm water in the ditch line. Several new cross culverts have also been installed along with continued

    shoulder work. Additionally, our Public Works team is in the process of coordinating with the Washington County Highway

    Department for crack sealing and to asphalt some areas too large for our staff to address alone. By working with the Washington

    County Highway Department, we can accomplish more results while maintaining our limited road budget. We are truly grateful

    for all the assistance the County has provided.

    Although the summer season is winding down, our Parks System continues to stay very busy! Fall baseball and soccer have

    begun, requiring weekly field prep and painting. Grading of the trail