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There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding hair loss and hair transplants. This presentation debunks the top 5 myths.


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2. Hair Transplant Myths 3. Hair transplants have been increasingly in the spotlight in recentyears as more high-profile names have discussed their hairtransplant experiences.However, some myths about hair transplants still prevail and thesemisconceptions about the surgery and post-surgery experience affecthow hair transplants are understood.This presentation will debunk the most common myths about 4. A hair transplant wont give you back the full head of hair youonce had.The point of a hair transplant is to restore the appearance of having anatural head of hair. A good hair transplant will be natural looking andthe post operative growth is slow which helps to make the effect assubtle as possible.It is 12 18 months before the final results of a hair transplant can A Hair Transplant Can Give youBack a Full Head of Hair 5. 2. Hair Transplants are PainfulA Hair Transplant, when carried out correctly by an experiencedand qualified team, should not be painful.Hair transplants are carried out under local anaesthetic and thepatient is awake throughout and can watch TV and DVDs andwill have breaks for lunch and snacks throughout the day.On occasion a patient will be given over the counter non-prescription pain killers after surgery but in most cases this is 6. 3. I Will be Covered in BandagesAfter the SurgeryYou shouldnt need tell-tale bandages after surgery. Apatient will leave HRBR with a small stitch in the donor areawhich is easily covered by their own hair at the back.This stitch is removed 7-10 days after the transplant.Patients can usually go back to work after just a few dayswithout anyone ever knowing theyve had a hair 7. 4. I Hear There Are Scar FreeTransplants AvailableContrary to some reports, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is nota scar-free technique.Regardless of whether hair is transplanted individually or by astrip technique (FUT), punctured skin will always result in minorscarring.The skill of a good hair transplant team will keep the scarring toa 8. 5. You Should Wait Until you areBald Before Getting a HairTransplantThis is untrue.The correct time to start dealing with hair loss is when itbecomes a concern to the patient. Medical treatment can help apatient retain their hair and in turn slow down the baldingprocess for a 9. We discourage hair transplantation on men under 25 but a well-planned and designed transplant on a younger patient, forexample a patient in their 30s, will take into account their futurehair loss pattern and the resulting hair transplant should remaincompletely natural looking throughout their life.To learn more about hair transplants, read our article HairTransplants: What are they and who are they for? 10. For more informationVisit our website at us on: 11. 12. 13. 14.