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  • Hair Loss Natural RemediesAlthough both minoxidil and finasteride are proven to stop hair thinning and encourage hair growth in some patients, nothing in life is perfect! There are some downsides to hair loss medication. Here are some things to consider before you embark on this path of treatment! It may take awhile for hair to return. Finasteride should be taken for at least 3 months before a patient can expect to see results. Minoxidil takes at least 4 months of continuous use before it has a noticeable effect. You may shed additional hair. Minoxidil can, ironically, cause hair loss as a side effect. This newly lost hair may return, but there's actually no guarantee. The medications don't work for every patient. Minoxidil has a success rate around 50%; finasteride works in roughly 66% of men. Even in the patients experiencing success, these figures don't show how many patients voluntarily continued the treatments after considering the cost, side effects, and inconvenience as factors.

  • If you stop using the medication, you'll lose whatever hair you grew from it. You'll be paying for this medication for as long as you want to keep the hair. Minoxidil costs about $30 a month. Finasteride is a prescription medication, and the price varies from $60 to over $100 per month-depending on whether you get a generic or brand name, where you have your prescription filled, your health insurance coverage, and whether you order in bulk. Application of medication can become tiresome. Minoxidil needs to be applied to your scalp once or twice a day. It can be left on the scalp for as little as 40 minutes, but 4 hours is ideal. Minoxidil users often need to experiment with different application times and methods in order to get results and minimize side effects like itching and dandruff. The possible side effects are scary. Minoxidil can cause bodily hair growth and thickening (think "wolf-man"). Finasteride-more frighteningly-can interfere with a man's most manly aspect (think "wet noodle.") One of these side effects is a comic horror and one is a tragedy. Minoxidil can affect blood pressure. Finasteride has been linked to a higher incidence of male breast cancer. Both medications can cause drug interactions.

  • Indisputably, there are patients that have used hair loss medications and consider them to be a true miracle. However, it's likely that the vast majority of users find a reason to move on. Identifying the right natural hair growth formula requires the identification of products that you are also comfortable in using. You can find hair growth formula in both solid and liquid forms. Some of them are in form of gels, creams, serums, oils and scrubs. Hair growth formulas are widely available on the market today. Several of these are expensive and generally speaking these expensive ones are not all natural or all herbal. They are usually made of chemicals which in reality intensifies the damage in your hair. Fortunately, many economical homemade hair growth formulas have been used productively for decades. Incorporating meat, fish, beans and yogurt in your diet can help hair grow faster. These foods are actually rich in protein. Given that hair is also protein, a diet that is too short in protein can lead to the thinning in hair or cause stagnant movement in the growth cycle. According to experts, protein can strengthen the hair and treat weak, brittle hairs.

  • One study on soy found out that it Hair Loss Protocol Review does not just strengthens the hairs but also it caused the hair to great. The best source of soy is tofu. Taking specific vitamins and minerals can also be effective. Vitamins such as beta carotene, folic acid, biotin, zinc and B complex are said to be valuable in helping the hair growth quicker. Before taking any of these kinds, checking with the physician what vitamins best suits you is advisable to ensure safety. Rosemary and sage are not just pleasing to the nose but also advance hair growth. They help in cleansing the scalp and unblock as well as stimulate the hair follicles. To prepare these two natural ingredients you just have to boil equal amount of rosemary and sage leaves. Afterwards, strain the leaves and add the concoction to your favorite shampoo. Onion is also a good component to your hair growth formula. Onions are commonly found in your kitchen, inexpensive and helps maintain a healthy hair. You can try applying onion juice into your scalp for a couple of minutes and then rinse it off.