growing your own start -up in armenia [barcamp yerevan 2013]

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The discussion on growing your own start -up in Armenia will be given at BarCamp Yerevan 2013. A critical task in setting up any business [especially in the IT industry] is to conduct research in order to validate, assess and develop your ideas or concepts. It is a bumpy road with many twist and turns, but the goal is to go over the issues facing all IT start-ups, but specifically ones from Armenia. Please join us May 11-12, 2013 in Yerevan for this years BarCamp


  • 1.Growing Your OwnStart-UpTodd Fabacher

2. Who am I? 3. Industrial Engineer 4. Where I have lived 5. My Start-Ups..#1 in the World for 15 Years.. 6. Why am I here?To tell you a story of how acity usedIT + educationto become the#1 start-up cityin America 7. 1,200,000New Orleans 8. 230,000 9. FundingMentorshipTalentEducationLocation& EventsIncubationStart-UpEcosystem 10. 1,100,000 11. 12. Why Armenia? 13. The People 14. Your Start-Up1. Idea & Trends2. Design & Tools3. Development4. Money and Profit5. Marketing 15. Startswith anIdea 16. 1st 2nd? 17. 47.37%Odds for Red 18. 0.0047%Odds to create another Social Site 19. Know your Competition 20. Find the Niche 21. Start-Up Trends1. CMS Systems2. Games3. Multi Devices4. Apps5. SaaS 22. 1. CMS Systems 23. Why are CMS good? Frameworks Marketplace Themes / Plugins Large Customer Base Open Source 24. 2. Games2. Games 25. 3. Multi Devices 26. 4. Apps 27. Armenian Cloud5. SaaS 28. Design 29. Native Apps 30. Language?CJava .NetOthers 31. Native Alternatives? 32. Web Apps 33. Great Tools 34. Great Tools 35. Development 36. YOU 37. YOUHow to get help?Find other freelancers?Where to get help?What areas do you need help? 38. YOUR TEAMGlobalFemaleMixed Abilities 39. Project Management 40. ScopeFocus 41. Experience Tips1. Dont over-design applications2. You are not the best programmer-- Live with it!3. Learn to learn more4. Document your code5. Test, Test, Test 42. Experience Tips6. Patience is definitely a virtue7. Beware the know-it-all, possessivecoder, and the inexperienced coder8. Celebrate every success9. Deliver polish over features10. Software is never finished 43. How to Make 44. Advertising& Sponsors 45. Advertising& Sponsors 46. $236,000 47. Native App 48. Sell UpgradeIn App PurchaseAdvertisingApp Store SalesApp Income 49. "App Store is aChannel, not abusiness"-Todd Fabacher 50. 2. Subscribers 51. Web App IncomeConsumer = $6.99Business = $29.99per month 52. Subscribers2,000 53. Web App IncomeConsumer = $13,980Business = $59,980per month 54. Income fromDifferent AreasContractBusiness Consumer 55. Save This 56. Heartbeat Income 57. The Death Chair 58. Marketing 59. What about Social Media? 60. Content Marketing 61. Blogging 62. Blogging1. Improves Communication2. Crystalize Thoughts3. Feedback on Ideas4. Forces Learning5. Create More Content 63. Advertising..Targeted Only..$5,000 - Page per month 64. Marketing Tips1. Customers determine your priority2. Focus on your customers andthe money will follow3. Word of mouth = $$$4. It is a numbers game5. Patience, success takes time 65. Dont Just Look West 66. 1990 67. 1996 68. 2010 69. 520Million200Million140Million140MillionChinaUSAGrowth2015Online Shoppers 70. Todd


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