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A Power Point Presentation of Greetings, Messages and Wishes for all kinds of Festivals, Celebrations and Occasions. To promote goodwill and harmony among people of diverse cultures and traditions.


  • Greetings, Messages, Wishes
  • Sending Wishes And Greetings Is One Of The Lovely Things That Bring Joy, Delight And Harmony To People Wherever They May Be
  • Congratulations On Your Anniversary
    • To you both, a perfect pair I can see. A very Happy Anniversary! May your love be true and tender May your love remain forever.
  • A Note To Say Im Sorry
    • If Ive caused hurt, Im sorry. I hope you can forgive me. Your friendship I truly treasure. Its value no one can measure.
  • Happy Birthday!
    • Hope your Birthdays great In lots of special ways. May this very special date Be the start of happy days. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Chinese New Year!
    • It is most pleasant to remember This very Special Day May this New Year be even better For you in every way.
  • Merry Christmas!
    • Heres wishing you Happiness And a most Merry Christmas. May you have great joy and delight May your Christmas be ever bright.
  • With Sympathies & Condolences
    • We share your hour of grief and pain. Do let your Faith and Strength remain. May The Lord be at your side To love, support and to guide.
  • Congratulations!
    • Congratulations! Well done! Your brilliant days have begun. You are on the road to progress. You are on the road to success.
  • Happy Deepavali
    • On this lovely Festive Day May Happiness come your way. May you be filled with joy and glee. To you, Happy Deepavali
  • Best Wishes On Your Engagement
    • May there be sweet smiles and loud laughter May you two always be together My Congratulations on your Engagement. It is the start of your road to contentment.
  • Happy Fathers Day
    • On this very Special Day Comes a thought thats warm and sincere. Gratitude well like to convey. Happiness to you, Papa dear.
  • Get Well Soon!
    • Here is a little note to say We are concerned in every way. Wed like to let you know We really miss you so Cheer up, let your worries pass You shall get well very fast.
  • Best Wishes And Regards
    • May your cherished dreams always come true And may your life be smooth-sailing too. My warmest regards to you dear Good Health to you all through the year.
  • Goodbye And Bon Voyage
    • Meeting is sweet Parting is sad. Remember the joys We have had. Its hard not to cry When we say Goodbye.
  • Selamat Hari Raya
    • Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Great joy to you and all in your family May Hari Raya bring you cheer All throughout the wonderful year.
  • Happy House-Warming
    • A Home is a most wonderful thing. In it you are a lord or a king. May your home be bright and luminous May your home bring you much happiness.
  • Love Wishes
    • Future, present and past Our love is made to last. Our affection is deep and vast Our feelings nothing can surpassed.
  • Happy Mothers Day
    • You are truly great, thats what you are Theres no other like you, Dearest Ma We thank you on this Special Day May lots of good things come your way.
  • Happy New Year!
    • Each day comes and then goes Before one really knows New Years Day is here once more May all thats good be in store.
  • Happy Retirement
    • You are one who stands out from the rest Youve given services of the best May you always be happy and blessed And may you continue to progress.
  • Happy Teachers Day
    • What a great teacher you are! You really shine like a star. Thank you for what youve done For each and everyone.
  • Thank You!
    • I thank you my dearest friend My gratitude I extend To you I indeed owe a debt All your help I shall not forget
  • Happy Wedding
    • May this Special Day bring happiness May it bring to your lives great richness Let this day bring you sweet memories That will always comfort, ease and please.
  • The End May you have the Wealth of Health. May you have the Richness of Happiness. With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin