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Presentation on "greening the gray" projects in Onondaga County, NY. Presented at the 2012 NYWEA Conference by Bob Kukenberger, Gray Infrastructure Program Manager, CDM Smith.


  • 1. Onondaga County CSOAbatement Greening the Gray Joanne M. Mahoney, County ExecutiveOnondaga Lake Amended Consent Judgment (ACJ) Compliance Program New York Water Environment Association84th Annual Meeting Tom Rhoads, Commissioner, Onondaga County Robert Kukenberger, CDM/C&SKristen Angello, Malcolm Pirnie the Water Division of Arcadis, Bruce Munn, GHD Rob Ganley, OBrien & Gere

2. Onondaga County,02/07/122 City of Syracuse New YorkOnondaga Lake Onondaga Creek 7,660 acres 49 CSOs Harbor Brook ~1 Billion gallons/year CSO 3. 1988 Atlantic States Legal FoundationHistory 02/07/12 3files lawsuit against County 1989 Litigation settled throughMETRO consent judgment Onondaga Lake Facts 1998 METRO consent judgmentreplaced with Amended ConsentWatershed: 285 Square MilesJudgment (ACJ) 1 Mile Wide 4.6 Miles Long 1st ACJ amendment May 1998 2006 ACJ Amended to include Average Depth: 35 feetconsolidation of ammonia andphosphorus treatment and HarborMax Depth: 63 feetBrook conveyances and RTF1940 Swimming Banned 3rd Amendment April 2008 (Extension) 2009 ACJ amended to authorize use of 1970 Fishing BannedGray and Green infrastructure 4. 4th ACJ Amendment Authorized a 4 02/07/12Balanced Approach to CSO AbatementRegulatory Goals Community Impacts/Goals Capture and Treat 95% of the Improve quality of life through Annual CSO Volume via Grayenvironmental responsibility & Green Infrastructure Promote sustainability Achieve water quality Ensure cost effectiveness in standards in tributaries andcompliance with ACJ milestones lake Community revitalizationMajor Milestones 89.5% capture/elimination by 12/31/2013 95% capture/elimination by 12/31/2018 5. Gray Program Manager Needed to02/07/125Support Green/Gray Program County Required a Willing Partner to ImplementGray while supporting Green Green and Gray Program Managers needed tocollaborate for Balance Green/Gray Program Gray Program Manager provides Planning andDesign coordination and Construction Managementfor Gray Projects totaling $150 million inconstruction value 6. 02/07/12Presentation Agenda 6 Learning Objectives Introduction of Five Gray CSO Projects featuringGreen Infrastructure Components Challenges and Rewards of incorporating GreenInfrastructure Lower Harbor Brook Storage Fly Over 7. 02/07/12Learning Objectives 7 Its easy being Green -Every Gray Project can beGreen Community becomes the Chearleader of Grayprojects with Green Components Investmentin Public Infrastructure requires Public Support Need a balanced Green/Gray Program The large gray projects would not be feasible asdesigned without green 8. 02/07/12Greening the Gray Process Flow Chart 8 YesPreliminary Support GI Concepts CommunityDesign for Green? Green Roofs Workshops Rain GardensBio SwalesStorm water reuseNo Porous PavementUrban Forestry100% Educational Features GrayDesignContinue Gray Design100% Green/Gray 95% ConceptualReviewsDesign Design Design 9. Project 1. Harbor Brook Interceptor02/07/129Sewer Replacement Project Gray ProjectComponents ARRA funding $12 million grants, $12 million low interest loans 7500 of 18 to 36diameter interceptor 3500 of 36 diameterwater mainConstruction on Fowler HS Grounds 2 areas of sewerseparation 10. Harbor Brook Interceptor Replacement02/07/1210Green Components Rain garden on RTF Site 75 Infiltrating Tree Basins 11. 02/07/12Project 2. Midland Avenue Conveyance 11 Green and Gray Connects major CSO toexisting RTF 96 diameter HDPE Pipeline Flushing and regulatorchambers $8 million construction 5,000 gallon StormwaterReuse for flushing Community selectedEducational GreenInfrastructure Trail Tobe Presented in Session15 Public OutreachTuesday at 1:30pm Construction in Urban Neighborhood 12. 02/07/12Midland Green Educational Trail12 13. 02/07/12Midland Green Educational Trail13 14. 02/07/12Project 3. Sewer Separation 14 Two urban areas one residential one commercial 2000 sanitary sewerinstallation 700 storm sewerinstallation 2000 internal pipe lining $6 million construction 20 infiltration trees Rain Garden inrehabilitated pocketpark 15. 02/07/12Sewer Separation Pocket Park Rain Garden 15 16. 02/07/12Project 4: Clinton CSO Storage Project16 Located on site ofpreviously planned RTF inArmory Square 6 million gallonunderground storagefacility $70 million constructioncost 77,000 gallon stormwater storage for flushing Two biorention basins Green roof on Operations 17. 02/07/12 17Clinton CSO Storage Completed Site 18. 02/07/12Clinton CSO Storage18 19. Clinton CSO Storage Reinforced Slurry02/07/1219Wall Construction 20. Project 5: Lower Harbor Brook CSO02/07/1220Storage Facility Located on site ofprevious planned RTF 5 million gallon circularbelow grade tank withcenter flushing system $30 million construction 80,000 gallonstormwater storagefor flushing Biorention basin forstormwater capture 21. Challenges and Rewards Challenges Rewards Educating the Team Community Green/Gray Design Support and Ownership Coordination Improves Quality of Regulatory ReviewsLife and Approvals Design and ConstructionConstruction Team Quality takes Pride Warranty and Lower Life Cycle Maintenance Cost Dedicated Funding 22. 02/07/12Up Next - Flyover22 23. 02/07/12 23QuestionsVisit us