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Enjoy historic photos of Tempe's great women from as far back as the late 1800s. The Tempe History Museum offers an exhibit about them at 809 E. Southern Avenue, Tempe


  • 1. Great Women in Tempe History a photo retrospectiveWomen in the laboratory in Old Mainat the Territorial Normal School, circa 1898

2. Easy Riders.Tempe High Schoolwomen on a Harley,circa 1924 3. EstelleHackett attheswitchboardin the Lairdand Dinesbuilding,circa 1912 4. Lucille Pyle, wife offormer Governor HowardPyle. 5. Girls BasketballTeamTempe HighSchool 1911 6. Some of our former City of Tempe Councilmembers: PatHatton,Barb Carter, Dottie Cooper-Nelson, Pam Goronkin,Bev Hermon, Carol Estes and Linda Spears 7. Current Tempe City Council members: Shana Ellis,Robin Arredondo-Savage and Vice Mayor OnnieShekerjian 8. 1940:Women in aparadetruck. 9. Tempes firstfemale policeofficers theywore high heelsand skirts 10. Mrs. ClarencedeWitt, Mrs.William Evans,Mrs. CliffCampbell withPen Johnson atthe CentennialLadies Daybreakfast -1971 11. A.H.Williams,schoolteacher, ina buggy,circa 1900 12. Estelle Hackett at an ostrich farm, circa 1909 13. Normal School Womens Basketball Team, circa 1910 14. Students at the Tempe Normal School (now ASU) 15. Guess Birchett, seated near her garden pond, circa1940 16. Swimmers Lucile Pyle,circa 1940 and GenevaAdams and friend, circa1930 17. Three members of the Tempe Womens Club, April 5,1967 18. Faces that made adifference: Estelle Hackett,1908; Honor AndersonMouer, 1940; Flora Thew,1960; Una Belle Decker,1910 19. Mrs. KathrynGammage athome 20. Girls sewing class, Rural School, 1920 21. RuralSchoolteacher G.Goodwinon abicycle,circa 1904 22. Alice Walker, Tempes first female police 23. More Tempe womenwho shaped thecommunity and thefuture. From left:Josephine Barrett,1910; Sarah Hayden,1899; Mrs. Ellis, 1890;unknown woman witha lunch box; IdaFrankenberg, 1900; 24. Visit the Tempe History Museum to see an exhibit regarding theaccomplishments of Tempes women leaders and watch a videoabout them at .