google chrome extensions to improve your productivity

Download Google Chrome Extensions to Improve Your Productivity

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Sometimes, It can be difficult to focus on complex tasks and manage your time efficiently. However, the right tools can boost your productivity significantly.

The following Google Chrome extensions will help you tackle daily tasks and long-term projects by utilizing your resources and maximizing your time.


ToDoList allows you to keep track of project updates, upcoming deadlines, and important documents Access your list from several devices Add team members to delegate tasks and manage projects


Dayboard replaces your new tab page with a list of your most important tasks for the day


Evernote allows you to save something you see on the web and add it to your account to read later Read articles, webpages, and more on any device An easy way to share content to social media after youve read it


Citrus blocks websites that you know distract you while working Add distracting sites to Citrus and set a timer for how long to block them for


One Tab keeps all of the tabs you have open on your computer in one tab Save memory and improve your computer speed


WikiWand allows you to search Wikipedia without leaving your current webpage Expedites resrach Easy-to-read layout and link preview


Grammarly acts as a personal online writing editor Get writing suggestions for your emails, messages, social media, and more

8.Print Friendly & PDF

Print Friendly & PDF optimizes a page when you need to print it Remove ads and unnecessary images Change the text size

9.Office Online

Office Online lets you use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint within your browser Access files from different locations


RescueTime keeps track of the time you spend in Chrome Monitors where you spend the most time online during the day

Try these extensions to work smarter and improve your workplace productivity.

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