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The Good Measure survey tool helps connect purposeful brands with what's meaningful to their consumers and other stakeholders. Its insights allow companies to create communications that resonate deeply and spark engagement. Are you still producing a dry and dense CR report? Put Good Measure to work and get a license to focus and empower your brand for real and lasting change.


  • 1. We developed the Good Measure survey tool to help connect purposeful brands with whats meaningful to their stakeholders. Our research showed us that many organizations were using values as lofty platitudes rather than as deep-seated drivers of engagement. Rather than speculate, we felt that a true understanding of someones values comes by learning what motivates him or her to take action. The Good Measure diagnostic gives you psychographic insight into what your stakeholders truly care about. Based on proprietary research, Good Measure analyzes how people engage in cause-related activities allowing you to better pinpoint what they hold dear and how they can engage with you and your brand.
  • 2. Good Measure will sort the input from your stakeholders and assign them to one of several Cause-Behaviour Profiles. This insight allows companies to create sharpened corporate responsibility strategies and communications that resonate deeply with customers, clients, employees and the conscious consumer. Nonprofits can use it to build closer and lasting relationships with their members and donors. C A U S E B E H AV I O U R C O N T I N U U M Lifestyle/Activity Motivated (Personal Focus) Athletic Extroverts Self-Reliant Pragmatists Cultural Enthusiasts Altruistically Motivated (Social Focus) Committed Humanitarians Good Samaritans EnviroActivists
  • 3. ENVIRO-ACTIVISTS They live and breathe their values rejecting many of the social norms and pastimes in favour of their own personal mission to do whats right, in particular for environmental causes. G O O D S A M A R I TA N S Champions of all worthy causes, they engage all the tools at their disposal to support what they believe in. C O M M I T T E D H U M A N I TA R I A N S Fairness is what drives them and while they are unlikely to lead the pack they have the highest level of social media engagement when it comes to issues that matter to them. C U LT U R A L E N T H U S I A S T S Their passion for art and culture is a way of life, a link to community, and a path to personal fulfillment. S E L F - R E L I A N T P R A G M AT I S T S Their green credentials are solid but rarely go beyond their own backyards. This group takes its personal responsibilities seriously and expects others to do the same. AT H L E T I C E X T R O V E R T S Sport is at the centre of all things and they engage with gusto. This group is more self-interested and the least likely to act philanthropically.
  • 4. Contact Julia Howell to find out how Good Measure can bring science to your good work. 416-364-0797 x204


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