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"Going all Inclusive" - Presentation describing the uniquely collaborative and all encompassing Digital Inclusion Programme Methodology from provided by CommunityUK.net, one of the Digital Leaders 100 Awards 2014 Finalists.


  • 1. An overview of the unique, all encompassing Digital Inclusion Program Methodology from CommunityUK.net By Peter Reed-Forrester Managing Director of CommunityUK.net Ltd http://uk.linkedin.com/in/peterreedforrester/ Going All Inclusive

2. Agenda Digital Inclusion What is it & Who is it for? Why a Methodology? The Driving Factors What is the Methodology? 6 4 3 2 1 Building the Opportunity5 7 Run the Program Plan & Construct the Program 8 Doing it for Real Castle Vale 3. Digital Inclusion What is it? Digital Inclusion in the 21st century should ensure all members of society have access to and the skills & motivation needed to use Information and Communication TDigital echnologies (ICT) and therefore be able to participate in and benefit from the growing global information and economic society. 4. Digital Inclusion Who is it for? 5. Digital Inclusion Who is it for? 6. Digital Inclusion The Driving Factors 7. Digital Inclusion The Driving Factors - Government Digital by Default Its happening! Varney Report 2006 GDS = Digital Service Delivery Digital by Default Service Standard April 2014 Potential Savings Channel Shift = Avoidable Contact 3 - 12 Savings per transaction - 1.7 - 1.8 billion p.a. ALL Departments HMRC, DWP, DVLA, BIS, DEFRA, DFT, MOJ Exemplar Services Live by March 2015 UNIVERSAL CREDITS! 8. Digital Inclusion The Driving Factors For Councils & Housing Providers Save Money & Increase Efficiency 3 - 12 Savings per transaction! Employee Communications Tenant Self Service Safeguard & Develop your business Benefits Change Universal Credits New Revenue & Partnership Opportunities Improve Customer Engagement & Satisfaction End to End CRM Social Engagement & Interaction Real-Time Intelligence Bring the Mountain to Mohammed Social Responsibility Communities, Tenants, Employees Engage, Support, Enable, Develop Decent Homes Smart, Sustainable, Connected Social Value Promote & Facilitate Regeneration Learning/Education Employment/Employability Unlock Potential New Digital Economy 9. Why a Methodology? Abraham Maslow 1908-1970 Everything needs foundations Everything needs standards DI has neither Building blocks provide foundation & structure Knowing the What Knowing the Why Knowing the Who Knowing the When Missing NOTHING Supporting Collaboration Failing to plan is "As global citizens, it seems that we are constantly confronted with a growing list of daunting challenges to our survival as a species and to our planet. It has become apparent to many that we can't do it alone; we've got to work together to meet the challenges head on." Andrew Borg - Research Director of Aberdeen group in "Why Enterprise Social Collaboration Means Business" Information Week 2013 - http://goo.gl/MerSo4 10. What is the Methodology? FREE ISP/WISP, Community E-Space, Low Cost Hardware PR & Marketing, Education/Training, Workshops, Storytellers, Digital Champions PR & Marketing, Education/Training, Workshops, Storytellers, Digital Champions, The Communitys OWN E-Space PR & Marketing, Learning Support, Qualifications, Social/Peer Engagement, Employment/Employability Training, Community Exemplars Lifelong Learning Support, Qualifications, Community Groups, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, New Digital Economy, Global Reach Peter Reed-Forrester 1960 a long time yet!! 11. Unity WiFi - Free Internet Connectivity High Speed Wireless Broadband Networks Designed, Delivered and Managed 4MB Free with Low Cost, Higher Speed Options Free Webmail from CUKmail.com Available inside and outside of the home Secure 5GHz 802.11n MIMO Backbone Walled Garden 2.4Ghz 802.11n MIMO Public Network Internet Bandwidth via Fibre, Leased Line, Licensed Long Distance Wireless, Satellite, ADSL etc. Network Fully Monitored, Managed & Securitised with UK Based Technical Support Fully Moderated & Protected I.e. ALL Pornography Blocked, CEOP Members etc. Available Network Wide for Corporate use (i.e. Data, VOIP , CCTV etc.) REDUCE COSTS, MAXIMISE EFFICIENCY Building the Platform - Delivering the Opportunity 12. Building the Platform - Delivering the Opportunity The CommunityUK Hyper-Local Community Web Portal Captive Portal Technology First Time, Every Time Hyper-Local News, Events & Information Local E-Journalists A fully Functional on-line "Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) - Free Courses, Lifelong Learning Delivering a huge range of free on-Line courses etc. Computers & the Internet Money Management Employment & Employability Skills Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Academic Subjects CUKcareers - Fully Functional Jobsite Job Search and Application Information & Guides Live Job Feeds Content and Tools for Local Businesses Digital Inclusion for Business Digital & Social Media Marketing Free Classified Advertising for Registered Users Highly visible and accessible Housing Provider & Local Council Content & Functionality Bringing the Mountain to Mohammed Maximising YOUR Digital Engagement with Tenants 13. Plan & Construct the Program Focus on Outcomes Clearly Define, Examine & Agree the stages, individual projects & intended Outcomes Remember ALL INCLUSIVE Strategic Objective AND Tactical Goals Confirm the Tools Identify, Collaborate & Coordinate with other current/relevant internal programs I.e. CRM, IT, Marketing, Self Service, Benefits Change etc. Remember ALL INCLUSIVE Identify Key Tasks, Timescales, Risks, Roles & Responsibilities Identify Dependencies & Milestones Identify & Assess required & available Resources CONFIRM THE LEADERSHIP TEAM 14. Plan & Construct the Program Identify areas requiring External Collaboration and/or Resources Remember ALL INCLUSIVE Recruit External Partners/Resources & Confirm costs - WISP, Web, Learning Providers, Schools/Colleges, Council etc. Calculate Budget Estimate Identify opportunities for External Funding Confirm & Agree final Budget Plan Key Performance Indicators to monitor Program Success Include Short-Range Focus in a Long-Range Plan Tactical/Strategic Choose Collaborative Project Management tool/process Remember - ALL INCLUSIVE Create & Agree Project Plan Publish & Run 15. Running the Program ALL On the same page Project Collaboration Tools Roles, Responsibilities Timeline Reporting Monitor, Monitor, Update, Update! Schedule Budget KPIs Look for warning signs Schedule/Budget variance Unscheduled Overtime Quality Deteriorates Cutting Corners (i.e. Testing) Team Morale Guard against Project Creep Correct the course early Test & Test again COMMUNICATE & COLLABORATE! Internal & External Complete, Evaluate, Revisit 16. Doing it for Real Castle Vale CommunityUK Pilot Program with Castle Vale Community Housing Assoc - Free WiFi over 500 homes launched Dec 2013 Highly Successful with approaching 600 Registered Users Main DI Program & WiFi Project across c6000 homes now underway Engaged with/supported by Birmingham City Council, Digital Birmingham, Birmingham Smart Cities & more Involving collaboration/partnership with various local & national DI related initiatives/organisations i.e. Tinder Foundation Various DI Program components in program:- Learning & Education New UK-Online Centre, Digital Champions etc. Silver-Surfer Initiatives i.e. Internet TV, MyHomeHelper, E- Health & Care i.e. Tyze Schools & Colleges Birmingham E-Learning Foundation Youth & Leadership Spark Global, Birmingham Leadership Foundation Innovation & Entrepreneurship inc. opening of new Innovation Centre providing workspace, mentoring, investment Digital Inclusion for Business Various other initiatives in pipeline inc. Smart Living Program to be Showcased by the Government Digital Service as an Exemplar DI project. 17. Thank You For more information on both CommunityUK.net & for help with your own Digital Inclusion Programme contact Peter Reed-Forrester on 0845 508 4944 x 101 or by Email prf@communityuk.net


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